Monday, December 20, 2010

7 Days: Day 3 - Work It

7 Days: Work It

Hey, happy Monday. Here's my 7 Days photo for the day. Not my typical work day. Because today was our office holiday celebration. We started with a team building treasure hunt/present wrapping with one hand activity/cluster. It was hilarious to see how competitive ten women get over who wrapped their gift box more perfectly and quickly. We all won. I think my team was the fastest and neatest. But I'm biased. And then we moved on to pottery painting.

The studio was insanely crowded, so we picked pieces and settled in. Based on Bex's fantastic plate from Day one this round, I tried my hand at a little modified dottery. It looks a little lopsided and slightly squished, but I think I'll like it a lot once it's fired. It will fire up bright red on a slightly off white platter. And should hold a goodly amount of cookies. So thanks for the inspiration, Ms. Bex!

Finished unfired product

We all had a great time, making everything from mugs to cat dishes to ornate floral trays. For a bunch of accountants, I was impressed. Though as the only non-accountant/bookkeeper on staff, I did have to push people a bit to not stress over how perfect everything needed to look. Not that accountants are the only ones who struggle with perfectionism, I do too sometimes. But our family mantra for "don't sweat the small stuff" is "It's not a kidney." I whipped that phrase out a couple of times today. My coworkers might have mocked me at first, but quickly adopted it. These women work hard everyday trying to help nonprofits better manage their organizations, finances and fundraising and we all deserved a little creative release.  Can't wait to see how everyone's pieces turned out.

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Nae said...

Neat project - pretty damn awesome esp. for freehand. I'm impressed!