Friday, December 25, 2009

The Sands Holiday Special

It's Christmas day, I don't feel like writing, so here's my last seven days picture and here's something that Joe and I wrote for our Christmas card. Hope you had a wonderful day and enjoy the rest of your holiday. Drive safely if you are dealing with any of the insane snow that we have been dealing with here in the Midwest. It does make things a little more exciting though when chaos reigns on the streets and people, including us, just flat out ignore the traffic signals. You kind of can when there's a foot of snow on the ground and not a car in sight.

Joe and Kassie - 2009 by the Numbers

16 - Frank Lloyd Wright homes and buildings toured

17” - increase in television size (diagonal), Joe tells me this is very important

4,400 - mustards viewed at the Mt. Horeb Mustard Museum in Wisconsin

21,000 - photographs taken by Joe throughout the year

9 - States visited: California, Arizona, New Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma, Illinois, Iowa, Wisconsin, Nebraska

53 - firework shells exploded in Blair, NE on the 4th of July

57 - books read by Kassie, most of them finished

7 - Kansas City Youth Jazz events photographed by Joe

1 - Porsche Boxter S borrowed from the generous Gronbergs

1,700 - miles driven from San Diego to KC in borrowed Porsche, 650 with the top down

2 - jobs still thankfully employed in, at GE and Support Kansas City

92 - pairs of earrings made and sold at 5 art shows by Sands Jewelry

50 - degrees constant temperature keeping us cool touring the Cave of the Mounds in Wisconsin

2 - nephews, Mr. Connorpants and the newest Sands boy, Jackson

18,557 - participants – we were 2- in the Omaha Race for the Cure 5K Walk/Run

1 - raging case of poison ivy all over Kassie’s ankle and leg, damn yard work.

20 - kitchen cabinets and 8 drawer fronts painted glossy bright white

175 - rounds shot through a Ruger .22 up at The Hill, mostly by Joe

2 - power supplies and 1 motherboard installed by Joe

32,600 - photographers all over the world shooting for the Scott Kelby Photo Walk – we were 2 - on the Country Club Plaza

1st - blueberry pie baked by Kassie, blueberries handpicked with help from a three year old, thanks, Aedan!

1 - NFL Football game attended, Kassie’s first, tailgating was the best part.

1,000 – Happy Holiday wishes we’re sending to you and your family!

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