Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Pole Girl, Dip Punk, Betho, and Me

Getting our brunch on, with silverware!

So we've made it to 7 days Day 5! And what a perfect time for 7 days and real life convergence. All four of us pictured above are participating in the 7 days project and just happened to make plans to get together this morning. Freezing rain tried to keep us stuck at home but we braved the weather, brunched, and took numerous goofy photos, thankfully in a room that we had all to ourselves.  Here are everyone's creations from our silver photo shoot:

Katrina, Bethany and Joe met in high school and have been great friends ever since.  And though they live in different cities and aren't able to see each other as frequently as they would like to, they have the kind of friendships that when they get together it's as if they just saw each other yesterday. I feel lucky to be friends with them myself. And as Bethany has said before, everyone's spouses get along too! After brunch today we headed back to Katrina and Matt's house where the kids ran and screamed and jumped and played, Bethany's mom, Debbie helped mediate while the other adults nerded out and talked photography, HTML, blogging, family drama, and Picasa. It was great. Now we just need to make this happen more than once a year!

Joe on the Glodoodle
Bethany drawing a lovely portrait of Joe with the Glodoodle. Yes, that is a camera where  his nose would be.

The Kiddos
The Wild Bunch


jastereo said...

such a fun day!

Katrina said...

That it was!! I am so happy that we were all able to get together! Can't wait to do it again1