Thursday, December 31, 2009

Yeah, It's the New Year, Whatever.

It's New Year's Eve. This automatically makes me think that I need to post some deep, thoughtful discussion of resolutions and changes I seek to make in my life for the next year. All the good stuff about saving more money, getting healthier, volunteering blah blah blah. But screw it. I'm sick, and this cold is making me slow and grumpy.

Why is this the one time a year that we get all riled up about making improvements for ourselves and then by February most of us have blown the majority of the lofty goals we've set? Why are we like this? All talk and no show? We eat all those extra cookies, we go out shopping and buy that new outfit instead of putting more money towards credit cards, plopping our butts on the couch and watching the last season of Lost and forgetting about our treadmill, lingering forlornly in the basement. Maybe it's just me. Maybe everyone of you out there is committed and diligent and dedicated to a new "you." But I'm betting on no. But "this year will be different" we tell ourselves. And that's the beauty and the deceit of the New Year's resolution. We all want these positive changes, we want to be smarter, healthier, happier, better people. But we lose focus, don't set little attainable goals, try to climb the mountain in one leap instead of taking small steps. So this New Year's Day, I think I'm just going to aim for being happy where I am, who I am right at this moment. At least for the day. So here are my New Year's Resolutions for 2010:

1. Drink more, and I don't mean water.  I over-think and over-analyze, and get trapped in my own head. I hear alcohol helps with that.
2. Do more childish, frivolous stuff. Like sitting outside and making daisy necklaces, going to stupid movies, making prank phone calls, picking my nose and flinging it at people
3. Read comic books. I don't know why, that just sounds fun today. I like the drawings and the exaggerated way that women's bodies are portrayed. Plus shiny red boots are cool.
4. Tell people what I really think more often. I do this already but I'm stepping it up, watch out.
5. Tell more fibs. I lie now, white lies usually to get out of something unpleasant or protect someone's feelings, but maybe I'll get more dramatic and ridiculous with my lies. Like fake names and British accents when I'm grocery shopping.
6. Saying yes to pretty much any event or social activity I'm invited to attend.
7. Do touristy stuff in my own city. I need to tour this town like a woman wearing a fanny pack and comfy shoes.
8. Lemons
9. Talk less.
10. None of the above.

What are you resolving to do and then forgetting by February?


Katrina said...

Your resolutions made me smile. Personally, I stopped doing resolutions long ago. I always felt like I was a failure or it was too much pressure! I just want to live each day and be happy in the moment. I think goals should be set throughout the year and not just at the beginning. Happy New Year!! Hope you feel better soon!!

Kristendom said...

This totally made me laugh. Before I read this, I had just posted about my "resolutions" - and the top two were health/weight and money. I actually gave up resolutions awhile ago. I like to set long-term goals to work on. So instead of having to completely change my life on January 1st, I focus on a couple big things to spend the entire year working on. Of course, I'm still drinking Diet Coke after supposedly working on that all year.

Bravely Obey said...

Kristen, I just saw your post, aren't we both topical and unoriginal! Long term goals are the only thing that work for me, too. And Diet Coke isn't heroin or anything. Can't we all have a vice or two?

Shannon M. said...

I read Kristen's and then immediately read Kassie's. I thought maybe you were mocking each other. Cheers to good health, Diet Coke and I'll add my own personal vice...dark chocolate peanut M&Ms.

Sherry said...

I love New Year's - the idea of a new beginning, and starting over with a clean slate! Yes, I will make a few resolutions: losing weight and eating healthier, starting 35 years' worth of scrapbooking, exercising more, and getting my finances in order. Then I will happily forgo all of them by February because after 56 years I realize that's who I am and that's o.k.

bethany actually said...

I think I gave up New Year's resolutions when I married Troy, because every time we move I sort of have to start afresh with a lot of things. :-)