Saturday, December 19, 2009

Happy, Cold Toes

Happy, cold toes

Today begins the Winter 7 Days self portrait project on Flickr. I blogged about this back in October when I first participated and I love this project! Bethany invited Joe to join the 7 Days Flickr group back in the summer and after watching him have such a great time setting up photos, trying new lenses, and commenting and chatting back and forth with the wonderful 7 Days members, I had to join in. So I joined in the Fall 7 Days group and felt so welcome and just had fun tapping into a different side of my creativity. So we are back for the Winter run!

I meant to bring our D50 this morning to take some shots while Tara, Kristen and I got pedicures and manicures to celebrate Tara's wedding in Hawaii next week. But I forgot. And then I was so relaxed, my hands were so lotiony and I was having so much fun that I totally forgot to even take pictures with my iPhone while we were there.  When we finished our fun bonding beauty treatments (my first pedicure/manicure in about 4 years, sad) we slipped on the lovely spa flip flops and went out to our cars to head home. And it was snowing. And I needed gas. And I was wearing flip flops in 20 degree weather. But my forgetfulness brought me a perfect photo op. Next time though, I'm getting gas BEFORE the pedicure.  And by the way, my toes are sparkly purple. I'm tempted to keep wearing the flip flops around on my errands just so I can look at them.


Katrina said...

Great looking toes!! I would have worn flip flops too! :)

sarah doow said...

Love the story. I'd definitely keep the flip flops on if I were you - those toes need compliments!

Bravely Obey said...

Thanks, ladies. Sarah, your photos are inspiring me, they are so strong and creative!