Thursday, December 24, 2009

Why My Ovaries Might Be Hurting Today

Mr. Jackson and Aunt Kassie
This is my 7 Days Day 6 photo, ignore me obviously, I'm in my pajamas and wearing no makeup, so thankfully Jackson is the star of this shot.

I'm sitting at Joe's parent's kitchen table right now, uploading photos, talking, listening to Joe and Jim talk about photography equipment, taking photos of each other while testing out lenses and while they each eat sausages in a suggestive manner. I'm trying to convince them to use these pictures as Facebook profile shots so you can all enjoy them, but don't hold your breath. Yes, they are both over 30, but they're still boys and they're still brothers, so shenanigans and gross out humor prevail. Ok, they are distracting, I'm now in our bedroom trying to write.

Anyway, the last few days have been filled with friends and family, and clearly a lot of kids, babies, and toddlers. And I love this. Joe and I don't have kids at this point, but our friends and relatives have some smart. funny, adorable, wild little munchkins that we get to hang out with. Yesterday we got to listen to the constant screaming, laughing and running sounds of Katrina and Matt's triplet boys, with Bethany's daughter Annalie thrown in the mix.

Then in the evening we had the pleasure of having dinner with Hillary, John and their daughter, Sophia. Hillary is pregnant with identical twin girls and due in just a few short weeks, so while she sat in her comfy bedrest recliner, Sophia and I sat next to each other at dinner, we ate our crab rangoon together, we watched a little of a horrible sequel to the Little Mermaid together, and we had fun using the iPhone to take pictures of ourselves. Sophia was the creative director of our photo shoot. She suggested photos of our necks, sticking out our tongues and eyes closed. Very artistic.

And of course there are our nephews. Jim and Katy's boys, Connor and Jackson. We are all staying at Joe's parents log home for the holidays and it's perfect. Connor is running around making reindeer noises and trying to feed Jackson marbles, unsuccessfully. And Jackson is the sweetest, cuddly little guy. Currently he is wearing a little brown outfit with ears on the hood that makes him look like a baby Ewok. Is there anything cuter? Ok, enough blogging. Everyone's laughing in the other room so I'm going to go check out the action. Oh, and I'm still in my pajamas and it's 11am. I probably should go take a shower. Merry Christmas Eve!

Nana and Mr. Sleepy


mike said...

Ok so initially the title of this one freaked me out a bit, bein your brother and all. But after reading it had the opposite effect. I love you big sis and I'm very happy that you are having a wonderful holiday season with your extended family. Love you.

Sherry said...

It was great having you in town! Thanks for making Christmas so special for John & I.