Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tetravex, Facebook and Unblock are to Blame

I haven't blogged lately. Works been busy, holidays, time with friends and family and sheer laziness have taken over, but the biggest distraction from my little blog has to be my new toy, the iPhone. So to get myself back in the groove of writing and not taking this whole thing too seriously, a list of the cool things I've enjoyed doing in the last three weeks since I blogged:

- Bought ridiculously fun iPhone
- Became addicted to a little game called Runway, I now fantasize about becoming an air traffic controller.
- Traveled to Omaha with some good friends and forced them to listen to David Sedaris' You Can't Kill the Rooster on the way there. The word motherfucker is used repeatedly and hilariously. I apologize for the foul language. I won't say it again.
- Baked my first ever batch of cinnamon rolls, pumpkin cinnamon rolls. It wasn't that hard, just time consuming and I got to use the rolling pin. This happens maybe once or twice a year.

- Had Thanksgiving dinner with my mother, my father, my stepmother, brother and husband, and it was ok. I was surprisingly unconcerned about whether everyone got along or not. This is rare for me. I usually am very concerned about everyone having a good time. Maybe I'm learning that this isn't my job. Maybe.
- Went to Old Navy at 8pm on Black Friday, didn't buy anything but just seeing what looked like a clothing hurricane made me laugh.
- Borrowed four books by R. Crumb from the library and just stared at the drawings for a few hours. I wish I could draw.
- Bought new glasses. They are kind of nerdy and they make me happy. I might wear them more than twice a year.

- Had a great lunch with two friends from high school whom I haven't seen in over a decade. This is why Facebook is cool, not to see what vegetables you're growing on your "farm", but to connect again with some fine old friends.
- Saw the most amazing Kansas sunset, flaming purples and pinks and it lasted only about 2 minutes because it was so windy.

-Wandered around the Kemper Museum of Art and the Joslyn Museum, deciding which pieces I would steal (this was Tara's question.) Favorite piece from the Kemper: Jaime Wyeth's painting "Sophomore at Bowdoin" and from the Joslyn: the multiple statues in stages from nun to prostitute in the Mexican Folk Art Collection. Joe was nearly kicked out of both museums for taking photos. (Actually they just politely asked him to not take any photos, he complied.)

- Ate the best home cooked meal I have probably ever had : braised short ribs and polenta, with carmelized brussel sprouts. Oh, Kristy, thank you.
-Read five books, watched several Paul Rudd helmed films, laughed so hard that a little tea came out of my nose, started three separate blog posts that never came together and finally put up the Christmas tree, including my favorite Christmas decoration, the cheesy 1960's ceramic tree that belonged to my grandparents.

- Being told "You're so domestic and that's why I love you" by my younger brother. Thanks, I think.


bethany actually said...

Listy posts get listy comments:

- In what universe is that ceramic tree cheesy!? ;-)

- Brenda was just working on a banner for you the other day, which made me say, "Hey, she hasn't blogged in a while, I should bug her about that." But now I don't have to, yay!

- Were the pumpkin cinnamon rolls any good? They sound intriguing.

- I like the glasses! I have always, always wanted to wear glasses, and I have perfect vision. It's my cross to bear. (I know, I'm annoying.)

Katrina said...

Love the glasses! Which film made you laugh so hard tea came out your nose? Would love to see a funny film!!

Glad you are blogging. Was wondering what was going on with you.

Bravely Obey said...

Bethany, I love that you wish you could wear glasses, maybe when you get older your dream will come true! Pumpkin cinnamon rolls were amazing, dried cranberries and crystallized ginger in the filling = yum. Katrina, we watched Role Models and I Love You, Man. Role Models is funnier but I Love You, Man is great too. And the fact that you and Bethany both blog so consistently is keeping me going!

DanaCK said...

Lawdy that's a fine ceramic tree. I LOVE it! We'll have to start teasing Joe about being an iPhone widower. Paul is totally addicted, too. :)

Any plans to travel to, oh...I don't know...PA this winter? We miss you two! We may come to KS/MO during spring break, though.

Bravely Obey said...

Dana, it helps that Joe is addicted too. We both got iPhones for Christmas. And I so wish we were heading back east sometime soon. We would looove to see you guys! We must get together next time you are in KC!