Friday, December 23, 2011

December 23: A Group Effort (Cheating a Little)

If you could have any job, what would it be?
Courtesy of the elegant Dana

I'm so thoroughly enjoying our first day of holiday vacation and I happen to be surrounded by some of my favorite people, so I thought we would make this a group effort.

I polled the gang, including my four year old nephew, Connor, who happened to be wearing the perfect t-shirt for our prompt. "When i grow up i will be a hero!" So here's what we all want to be when we grow up:

Joe would like to be a very successful travel photographer. Jet setting around the world, photographing the most spectacular places and in his words "with an unlimited allowance for new gear." I would happily be his assistant.

Jim, my brother in law, who owns his own dental kingdom (Associated Dentists in Madison, WI) would like to own several dental implant clinics. Really he just wants to be a dentist, and he is. So score, Dr. Sands.

Katy, my sister in law, is a teacher and energetic, excellent mom of three. When she grows up she wants to be a mom (check) or a nurse (I think being a mom qualifies here) or a UPS delivery woman because "the people I would deliver packages to would be so happy to get them."

Jon, my other brother in law, who is cooler than all of us combined, would like to be a movie and music critic/ninja. Clearly his all black wardrobe would work for both.

Sherry, my mother in law, would like to be a park ranger in Colorado. Really she wants to give tours and chat with park guests and walk along the trails whenever she wants. Actually she'd rather be a retired park ranger who only works part time, because as she says "retirement is the best job."

John, my stepfather in law, who is retiring from his dental practice next month, (yes we are super lucky to have two dentists in the family, we have very clean healthy teeth over here.) John is contemplating a Walmart greeter job, mostly I think he wants the snazzy vest.
Connor would like to be "a moving guy" and "a building construction guy" and "a train driver." He carefully explained that each week he would work at each job for three days and then three days and then three days and then on the last day he would sleep. Pretty reasonable work schedule for a four year old. 

Jackson, Connor's younger brother who is two and had just woken up from a nap had zero interest in our questions. He ate his fruit snacks and smiled and his cheeks were all pink from his nap. Jim suggested he consider dentistry.

And finally, I would love to start and run a nonprofit working with kids of all ages, focused on developing creative writing, reading and general business and life skills. Combining three of my favorite things into one. And still maintaining my lavish nonprofit salary.

So the dentist, the UPS driver, the critic, the photographer and I are off to celebrate Christmas Eve Eve in our traditional way: sushi and a movie, probably the very festive The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. It has a happy ending, right?

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julieclarsen said...

This post put a huge grin on my face. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!