Monday, December 12, 2011

December 12: If It Please the Court

After an incredibly long day of jury duty, hours spent waiting and sitting and shuffling around from courtroom to waiting room to courtroom, finally getting out around 6pm, and being one of the lucky chosen 12 for a four day civil trial, I'm beat. So I'm indulging in some guilty pleasures tonight. After securing a literal front row seat for my upcoming week of civic duty, I'm not going to feel guilty about those little pleasures at all. I'm holding my judgement of myself tonight too, just as the court told me to, even if I'm not the defendant.

Tonight I'm eating pizza and molasses cookies, not a vegetable in sight, and laying on the couch watching The Real Housewives of Atlanta and then Beverly Hills right after.  And then, skipping any workout or household chores or Christmas tasks, I'm putting my pjs on and reading until I fall asleep. I may not even brush my teeth or wash my face tonight. Lazy? Yes, guilty as charged today. Because the rest of this week will be spent listening to attorneys and experts, focused on someone else's life and making the right decision, and somehow balancing my job in the mix. I'm interested in playing my part in our justice system, but I'm dreading the imposition into my job, my daily responsibilities and my life. But that's the reasonable price we pay for living in the United States. So I'm indulging a bit, guilt free tonight, and maybe tomorrow too. At least this should be a heck of a blog post once my service is done. Ok, leave me alone now, I must get back to my crappy reality TV.


jastereo said...

pizza sauce = totally a vegetable

Nae said...

hell yeah that's a vegetable!! I totally snarfed at your courthouse descriptions today. THAT experience is good writing material for you. Heck I wish you were at my job with me sometimes, you'd die at the names. Perhaps I should keep a list for you. Enjoy your nite, thanks for choosing my topic for Reverb (even if I am a pathetic blogger).

Katrina said...

HA! Love Joe's comment!! Good luck with it all. And your guilty pleasures sound right up my alley!! :)

bethany actually said...

I was gonna say the same thing as Joe. Also, jury duty is so virtuous it negates the need for vegetables.

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