Thursday, December 22, 2011

December 20 - 22: Sweetly Scattered

I knew this would happen. I knew that December would creep along leisurely for the first couple of days and then I would suddenly turn around and it would be Christmas already. And here it is, right around the corner. We're almost there: our packages are all wrapped, our treats all baked and now all that awaits is packing our bags, packing our car, and making a little road trip soon toward our celebrations. So in the midst of all of that, plus an insanely full work load, I'm trying to catch up on Reverb prompts. So I apologize for the three in one deal you've got here, it's scattered and brief, but pretty dang sweet. So I'll see you tomorrow, I've got to get packing!

December 20, 2011
Life is a work of art, or so they say.  What beauty do you regularly appreciate/revere in your life?

I love this question. Appreciating the beauty around me is actually something I'm quite good at. I see it everywhere. I see it in our house: full of photography, color, art, and things that bring beauty and pleasure to my life. I see it in the enormous old trees that line our quiet street. I see it in my drive to work, while gazing at the adorable little houses that I pass, or the line of children holding hands and wearing knitted hats walking to school together. I see it in the leafy woods behind my house.

the Jewels

 I see it in the jewelry or shoes I wear everyday. I see it in the face of my husband, the smiles of my coworkers, the way the dog stretches out in the sun. The lights of my Christmas tree with wild little streams of bubbles rushing upward inside each light, the circle of Christmas cards hanging on the wall, and in piles of presents carefully wrapped and beribboned.

I'm not a Jedi yet.

Even on a horrid day I can see the beauty in the little things. It lightens any struggle, brightens any grief and brings joy in sometimes the tiniest packages.

And done!

December 21, 2011
If you returned (or went, if you've never been) to college to study anything you want, what would you major in, and why?

Art history, African art, psychology, sociology, anthropology, chemistry (though very intro level, because while it fascinates me, I have zero education in this area), social welfare, public administration, English literature, theatre, women's studies, music history. These are all subjects that I loved in college and would love to dive into again and gain some expertise around, or in the case of chemistry, sociology and music history, subjects I never studied but have always been interested in delving into a bit. Though chemistry, yikes, just not my strong suit. If money was no object I would take any and every class I could imagine, with no degree goal in sight, just improving my knowledge on a huge range of subjects. And with a brilliant chemistry tutor.

Realistically, I'll probably go back to get my Master's degree in Public Administration at some point. I'd love to become an executive director for a nonprofit at some point in my career and the MPA would be very helpful for that. But after completing my certificate in professional fundraising earlier this year I realized, I don't want to get my Masters right now. I just don't want to be in school or spend the thousands of dollars either. So I'm just reading and educating myself as I go, attending conferences, becoming more involved in the Association of Fundraising Professionals, and reading about all these other wonderful subjects on the side. Unless someone wants to offer me a scholarship, then I'd be happy to get registered for classes next semester!

December 22, 2011
If someone made a board game of your life, what would it look like? What pieces would you need to play?

Two words: Candy Land!

Bright colors! Ridiculous amounts of sweets! Four happy kids wandering along the colorful twisting trail through Gum Drop Pass, Gingerbread Plum Trees, Lollipop Woods, and the Molasses Swamp. Nothing too bad can happen to you in Candy Land, maybe an upset stomach or a skipped turn. It's the first game I can remember playing and the first time I remember winning.

Candy Land is a little kid's game. It's simple. It doesn't require any real skill, but it's cheerful, fun, silly and sweet. No, my life isn't like Candy Land. It isn't that simple. I'm an adult, so mixed in with all of the wonderful friends and family and things I love to do, my life is filled with work and mortgage payments and deadlines and stress and anxiety and analysis and sincere adult concerns. I want to capture a few moments that make me feel like that first time I played Candy Land, restoring that childlike exuberance, reliving that first jolt of joy at my own success, quieting the daily stresses and the busy busy mature thoughts always running through my head. Candy Land shuts that all away. A trip to Candy Land is a brief return to childhood. Before Monopoly or checkers, before even Chutes and Ladders, there was the simple treat of Candy Land. So I want to work on recapturing that feeling, plus I really, really like candy. (Bonus treat discovered while googling Candy Land images: this spectacular nursery with a Candy Land theme. I might have to have a kiddo just to decorate our guest room like this!)

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