Tuesday, December 13, 2011

December 13: Three Things, Blunt is One

December 13 Reverb Broads Prompt: What are three things that you are better at than most people? Courtesy of the charming Catie at catiecake.wordpress.com

Three things I'm pretty damn good at:

1. Observing and reading people, and figuring out quickly when I'm being manipulated.  

2. Playing hostess and making social plans for my gang of friends. Though this gets a lot harder as we get older and add kids to the mix.

3. Speaking my mind and sharing my opinions, as carefully and tactfully as possible. (When I read this line to Joe he paused for a very long time, then said, "You're careful and tactful when necessary, but not always. Sometimes you're just direct. And that you're really good at." This is slightly unflattering and probably quite true.)

I want to write more tonight, ok, that's just being tactful. If I really wanted to write more tonight I would. Instead I've got eight Christmas packages to box up and prep for mailing, a chicken to debone, grocery lists to finish and some actual work to do tonight. So I'll see you here tomorrow. Promise.

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