Thursday, February 07, 2013

Touch and Go: Kidnapped My Sunday

It's a cold and gray Sunday afternoon in the Midwest. There is hot African Rooibos tea in a red mug, a fluffy tassled blanket draped on the couch and a thick hardcover book with a line like this to open it: Pain has a flavor. Lisa Gardner's latest thrilled, Touch & Go, stole my Sunday afternoon. She kidnapped it right out from under me, just like the Denbe family is at the center of this wild thriller. Except I got to stay on my couch, reading all afternoon, while they get locked away with viscious kidnappers in an empty maximum security prison. Intrigued?

Once again, I have the pleasure of reviewing this book for the Blogher Book Club. And while I was compensated for this review, all the kooky opinions in here are mine. Though Touch & Go wasn't my favorite book, it was jam packed with strong female characters, twisty plot points and plenty of action. It was fun.

The main characters were well drawn and sympathetic, and while the story line was a little ridiculous, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride. This isn't high brow literature, but I have different expectations and needs with different types of books. This book is pure diversion and escape. This book is frozen pizza and beer, not Lobster Thermidor and Dom Perignon. But sometimes that's exactly what we crave as readers. And I was happy to give up part of my Sunday for this skillful thriller.

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