Sunday, February 03, 2013

Champion of Carnitas

This smelled so good

Joe Sands is the Super Bowl champion of pork carnitas. I don't care about football, but like most humans, I enjoy hanging out with some people I love. I enjoy entertaining and cooking and eating. So I'm all in for national sporting events even when I'm less excited about the actual sport.

Football? Meh. Guacamole and pork carnita tacos? I'm rooting for your team.

Joe made his now famous slow cooker pork carnitas that only seem to get better every time he makes them. Paired with smoked chipotle guacamole and tortilla chips and diet coke jammed with slices of lime, I could watch sports all day. It's kind of fun to think of millions of people all watching the same thing at the same time. Oh, the commercials are kind of sexist and stereotypical, the half time show is usually overblown nonsense (though I love Beyonce and totally enjoyed her tonight) but I just don't give a crap about the actual game. I like the Puppy Bowl. I like looking at beefy men in tight uniforms. I like it when my whole family starts shouting and pointing at the TV, because they look so jovial and riled. And I like it when surprise dessert includes single serving Ben and Jerry's and massive monster cookies.


The power just went out at the Super Dome and my dad is giving the players lots of advice and critiquing the announcers for their mumbling and suits and extra marital affairs. So I'm going to go hang out with my people now and I'll see you tomorrow. We've gotta introduce Jon Sands to the cuddly glory of the Puppy Bowl. My money's on Arlo.

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