Saturday, February 09, 2013

Dusty Saturday

Today was one of those days. I stayed in my pajamas until much too late in the afternoon to admit. We watched several episodes of the heinous Buckwild on MTV. I laid on the couch like a slug and drank a lot of coffee. Joe took a nap. And then all the sluggish, indulgent laziness got overridden by my excessive coffee consumption. And I cleaned, and cleaned and cleaned the house. All the boring, unpleasant cleaning tasks that I like to put off in favor of general tidiness  Dusting blinds and ceiling fans and corner cobwebs, mopping floors, wiping down kitchen cabinets, restoring order to the pantry and fridge, general sucky yet satisfying cleaning.

The cast of 30 Rock and I are baking my dad a birthday cake. #fmsphotoaday #tv #tinafeyisfab

Because there's nothing I like better during the weekend than spending a few hours cleaning, then taking a shower, getting dolled up, going out with friends, and then returning late from a great night out to my tidy, warm, cozy and orderly house. It makes me feel like I've got a little control during the rest of the crazy work week. I'm a cleaning nerd. I like it. I admit it. Now laundry on the other hand, God, I hate laundry.

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