Thursday, February 02, 2012

#27 on The List

I like catching sight of the little charming things around me. I can get lost in the monotony and urgency of the day, but the ability to stop for a second, whip out my camera or phone and take a picture of something sweet or ridiculous or lovely is one of my favorite things. It's sometimes the tiny, small, seemingly inconsequential that gets me through the day. I surround myself with little things that I love. Talismans, colorful trinkets or photos of places I want to immerse myself in again. So I thought for the Instagrammy fun of it, I would participate in the February Photo-A-Day put together by Chantelle over at Fat Mum Slim. My January was wonderful. Quiet, focused on some healthy changes, but not particularly creative or adventurous. So this might help mix it up a bit. Plus #27 on my Bravely Obey In Action list is "Take more photos", and though I think I do take more than I ever have in the past, I like the themes of this project a lot, so more photos it is!

The themes are broad and flexible, just guidelines. I'd love you to join me, the more the merrier! And I'll try to post most of my photos with a little writing here, but probably not everyday. The blogging solidly through November and December has burned out my creative writing juices so I'm hoping this will be a gentle and fun way to ease back in. So here we go!

My view- forgot to post yesterday. #photoaday

February 1 - Your View Today: This would be my view on many days. My huge work computer monitor, a self portrait Joe and I took while sitting out on a gorgeous July night waiting for Modest Mouse to start playing, and the very cool calendar I got for Christmas from Joe, filled with some of his favorite Instagram photos that I took. I like this view, though the spreadsheets waiting for me on that screen make me less excited. (And yes, that is a small metal Scotty dog peering over our photo.)

February 2 - Words: I know these words are excessively trendy lately. Supposedly created as World War II propaganda to help keep British citizens calm in case of invasion or while waiting in bomb shelters, I don't know how true that is, but I love the message, the font, and the red and white. Like every other vaguely middle aged hipster in the world, this somehow hits me right where I need it. Framed on my desk at work, it reassures me daily. I also find that my clients really like it and nearly everyone comments on it when they see it. Often with a self deprecating laugh. So keep calm, carry on and smile if you can.

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