Friday, February 10, 2012

February Insta-fun

Hey, remember last week when I said I was joining #febphotoaday, this excellent daily photo project for the month of February?  Well, I did. And I've had a blast taking themed photos, commenting on other people's shots, and basically spending too much time browsing the bizarre delights of Insta-gram. (There's some racy stuff on there people, and you don't have to look hard too to find it, plus many many puppy and kitten pictures, many, and who doesn't like that?) Except I forgot to post my photos over here.So here's a week's worth of daily captures for you. Evidently lots of food and lots of color around me, not a big surprise.

February 3 - Hands: These tiny delicious chocolates are perfectly palm sized and for the brief moment before I bit it in half, they were shiny and pretty. And then they are gone. I had three on this day, this was the final victim, right before I gently unwrapped it and shoved it in my pie hole.

February 4 - Stranger: This is the kid that lives next door to us. The house is a rental, now that our very nice former neighbor has moved and there are many random teenagers, a single mom, her here-and-gone-again boyfriend and a lot of cars, and bonus, a lot of young boys smoking next to our driveway. Even on this rainy Saturday morning. I can see in this kid's basement bedroom window every morning when I pull out of the garage. I feel strange looking right into his window when I back out of my garage and I'm considering buying him some curtains.

February 5 - 10am: You've caught me. This is one of my absolute favorite places to spend at least one weekend morning. Lazy. Pajama-ed. In bed. Joe and I taking turns getting coffee refills or a little breakfast when we start to feel peckish. A book and some music and just having a little lie-in with my favorite person and favorite cuddly dog. I can't wait for Sundays.

February 6 - Dinner: We've been doing great eating at home, eating much healthier, losing weight, working out, but occasionally you want to indulge a bit. A little shrimp fried rice and a crab rangoon now and then seems just about perfect. Even better, Happy Dragon delivers. 

February 7 - Button: I blame this on hunger. Yes, it's a button. Yes, this is very literal, but it was dinner time and hunger trumped creativity. I had to heat up chili leftovers from our Superbowl party. By the way, I like the popcorn button best. Second favorite button, steaming mug of something button.

February 8 - Sun: I had high hopes for capturing a sunny, lovely winter day. The weather refused to cooperate with my plans. But instead our nephews and niece brightened up the day via these tiny sweet Valentines that arrived in the mail just in time for our glowing theme. Those smiles slay me every time.

February 9 - Front Door: I love our 1960's front door. The formerly pale green is now transformed into glossy red, with that small diamond shaped window peep hole. It makes me glad to walk into the house. It means I'm home. (Though this isn't my normal entrance since I come in from the basement where our garage is. The garage door is equally cool, with an enormous Pulp Fiction poster with Jules greeting you as you drive into the garage. Samuel L. Jackson means I'm home too.)

Walking to a lunch date with one of my best girls. #febphotoaday

February 10 - Self Portrait: I had a rare lunch with one of my best girlfriends and her daughter today. We met at my favorite little lunch place just a block or so away from my office. I hoofed it up the street, enjoying a chance to get out of my office and into the air. It is in the 20's today and windy, but the sun and the fact that it's Friday and the chance to catch up with my friend and cuddle her 4 month old little charmer in the middle of the day brought this dorky smile to my face. I blame the startled eyes on the cold and wind. This feels like winter all of a sudden and it's cold, damn it.

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