Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Things I've Googled This Week


Is there a difference between polenta and corn meal mush?

Timothy Olyphant hip bone

What the hell is Florence wearing on Austin City Limits?

How to grow kick ass hydrangeas in Midwest

Eye wrinkles how do I stop them

Show me Mr. Bates in street clothes

How to make a ribbon covered tambourine 

Why do my dog's feet smell like Fritos?

February Photo a Day 

Are all these fabric flower brooches I own still in style?

What is the origin of the term dog days?

What is Rhodesia called now and year of independence

Bill Murray moaning

How to jazz up your grant applications

Synonym for hooey

What the hell is wrong with my Kindle?

Superbowl party themed sweets

Easy superbowl party themed sweets

Even easier superbowl party themed sweets

Calories in Rice Krispie treats


Julia said...

HIlarious. I always wonder what people would think about me based on my search history.

The Frito feet is my favorite. All dog's feet totally smell like that.

Kristendom said...

Heh - hip bone.
And thanks to a sick day yesterday, I now know who Mr. Bates is - although only one episode of him :-).