Thursday, September 16, 2010

I Need Some Action

Life lists are everywhere lately. I like that. Even my beloved, damaged Don Draper sketched out his own list on last Sunday's episode of Mad Men. Though trying to be less of an alcoholic womanizer may not be on my list, I'd be happy to accompany him on his intended trip to Africa.  And it inspired me to check in on my own list progress. If you have no idea what I'm talking about with all this list mumbo jumbo, you can visit here to see the queen of lists by the inestimable Maggie Mason or you can visit my humble offering.

I've stalled out a bit on my list this summer. I thoroughly enjoyed crossing off a couple of items in May and June. Our fabulous Florida vacation was #42 and Joe and I threw a pretty delicious and fun Italian dinner party #15, if I do say so myself. But since then I haven't crossed anything off officially. Not to say I haven't done anything. I've done a bit. I've pondered and planned and fantasized. But accomplished anything, not quite. So here's my progress report on a couple of items that are a little more long term and not quite so easy as to wrap up in a night or a weekend.

The Bravely Obey In Action List Summer Progress Report:

12. Design a garden with plantings for each season. - Other than moving and adding a few perennials this year I've done jack squat on this one. But I have called in an expert to help me accomplish some kind of actual design in the spring. My delightful and talented mother in law has agreed to help me. And she's good.

14. Clean, organize and repaint our basement for extra space and to cushion the pain of doing laundry. - Last weekend we cleaned and purged and reorganized and I took a car load of crap to the DAV. We are getting there. With plans to paint and turn the basement into a small photo studio for Joe, I think this one will get crossed off before the year is out. I think.

21. See Rilo Kiley, Modest Mouse and Cake in concert. And the Pixies, but that one is a little harder. - Saw Modest Mouse in July. I worship them now. Cake is coming to town in a couple of weeks, but they are coming with Smashing Pumpkins so I'm skipping that show and waiting until Cake is the headliner. Rilo Kiley isn't touring currently. And the Pixies are touring on their Doolittle album, but I was too late in buying tickets to the show in KC, and not quite as excited about a Doolittle only show. But we are seeing Vampire Weekend in October and I'm giddy about that.

24. Pack a picnic lunch and relax outside all day. - We are doing this on the first 70 degree weekend day. I will pack fine cheeses, some crusty baguette, a pear, a bottle of wine, smoked meats for Joe, a book or two and I will lounge and relax and lay around outside on a blank with my husband. Maybe Sunday.

35. Take artistic nude photos of myself. - 7 Days is back this Saturday! And what better way to kick off a week of self portrait photography than by taking naked pictures of oneself? Saturday morning I'm stripping down and clicking away. Scary.

37. Have someone teach me how to make tortillas from scratch. - I had forgotten I even had this on my list until in my Google Reader today, this popped up. No, I'm not buying a tortilla press, but I'm contemplating doing a Mexican themed dinner party sometime later this fall. A perfect excuse to make homemade tortillas, drink tequila, hang out with friends and make jokes about the effects of eating all those delicious seasoned black beans. Stay tuned.

41. Consider next steps for career advancement: MPA, CFRE, UMKC fund development certificate, Centurions Kansas City. - I'm excited about this one. I enrolled in two of the four classes I need to earn the UMKC fund development certification. They start this fall and I'll have it completed by February of next year. And the certificate will help me earn my CFRE certification, since it will fulfill the education requirements. I'm gonna be a certified money raiser, ya'll!

43. Constantly add to and update this list. - I've got three new items for the list.

44. Attend a show at a local planetarium. - I added this one today, based on these glorious photos. I'm guessing the planetarium won't have such amazing images, but I'd like to learn more about astronomy and be able to identify more than the Big and Little Dippers and what is either Orion's belt or a low flying airplane.

45. Become a board member for a nonprofit whose mission I'm passionate about. - I'm the board secretary for the Young Nonprofit Professional Network of Kansas City. It's a great organization and a perfect first time board experience. But when my term is up next year I'll be ready for the next step.

46. Do a StoryCorps interview with both of my parents. - StoryCorps is in town! I need to check with both of my parents, but I'd like to schedule an interview with each of them.  They both have some powerful stories and I don't want to lose them. I'm working on the questions. So get ready, Mom and Dad! (Don't worry, separate interviews, I promise.)

So I'm giving myself a B for my progress over the summer. Not bad. I'm shooting for A+ for next quarter though.

How's your list progress coming along? Have you written one yet? Well, now's the time, get to it. Or tell me what you've been crossing off this summer! Finally learn to tie your own shoes? Fly a plane? Dance the tango?


bethany actually said...

You should buy a tortilla press! I think you can get relatively cheap ones, and they're fun to use. :-)

I am listless. Wait, I don't mean I'm apathetic and low-energy. I just mean, I don't really have a life list. I think I used to have lists in my head, but the way my life has turned out I've gotten to do so many amazing things I never imagined I'd do, so I figure why make a list and limit myself? Unless you count "make a sibling for Annalie" as a list item, in which case I am ON it.

Erin said...

I am also listless. Unless I count the list of things I am going to do when I graduate. But they are things most other people do on a daily basis so I am not sure it counts. However, my sister has been on me to make a bucket list so I have been cooking one up in my head.
1. Get some goats
2. Visit most of the national parks
3. Get some chickens

Snowfairy said...

Your determination to make things happen is amazing.
As for lists I can only make short term lists for today/ this week. Anything more long term scares me, as a result I'm more of a drifter through my life. But still enjoying the journey.

Joe said...

I think you deserve more than a're totally getting after it! Looking forward to checking off more with you.

margherio said...

I'm mostly listless (in the parlance of this blog) but I did have a conversation with your dad about getting an MBA which is something I've considered for a long time. That and I bought an iPad. Sweet list.