Sunday, September 19, 2010

7 Days: Day 2 - Brunch with the Gang

7 Days:2 Old Friends

And here we are! My peeps, my gang, my crew: Tara, Kristen and Joe. Tara, Kristen and Joe and I all attended KU together, in various forms we all worked as RA's or housing staff, I've lived with all three of them at some point and they are my family. Of course, legally only Joe is but, ladies, you are like the sisters I never had. 

So in typical fashion, we whipped up some breakfast treats, gathered together at our house and noshed and chilled and just generally enjoyed spending time with each other and the fantastic Sean, Kristen's husband who makes a mean Eggostrata, Mike, Tara's husband who is such a devoted dad that he held baby Madeline so long that his arm fell asleep. And of course, the stars of the show, Madeline and Aedan, and scruffy Mac. 
This is what Sunday mornings should be like: easy, delicious and relaxed.

Uncle Joe and Mac attack

We are trying to convince Tara to join us next 7 Days round. She is an amazing elementary art school teacher, takes great photographs, but that darn adorable five month old baby girl of her's makes 7 Days a bit difficult right now, maybe this winter!We're working on her.

Panda Madeline

Panda photo by Joe Sands.

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Neha said...

Looks like fun! Love seeing a pic of the gang aka KU partners in crime :)