Wednesday, September 22, 2010

7 Days: Day 5 - Home Alone

I am home alone tonight. I am drinking a beer, which just seemed like a relaxing, tasty idea. I don't like beer very often, I'm a fruity sweet drink kind of girl. Except for the scotch I tried on Sunday night at my parent's house, who knew scotch was so smooth and delicious? But only if it's extremely old and extremely expensive, so I'm not starting a habit there.

ChoppingBBQ Chicken Pizza Night

But tonight's Boulevard Wheat tastes like heaven. I got home from work a little late, took the dog for a walk and then had to figure out dinner. Joe is off at a photography workshop all evening, so dinner is all on my own. Once again I am in a pizza mood. Though this is the second time this week that we've had homemade pizza, I figured, I'm 35, I can have pizza anytime I want. So tonight I made BBQ Chicken pizza. It's one of my favorite recipes. BBQ sauce, leftover roasted chicken, red onion, cashews, a mix of mozzarella and cheddar cheese and the topper, cilantro. I adore cilantro.

Before the attack of the chicken crazies
The sane, calm Mac before the chicken crazies take over.

I will kill you to get to that chicken.
The wild eyed chicken crazies have come over him.

So my evening alone has consisted of whipping up dinner, drinking beer, taking photos, torturing the dog with chicken (he goes insane for all meats) watching Sex and the City reruns and now it's time for a little reading. This week I'm reading a little true crime nonfiction, Cruel Doubt by Joe McGinniss. It's bloody and mysterious and entertaining. I just hope I don't freak myself out by reading it while home alone at night. So that's my Wednesday night. What are you doing tonight? I'm thinking about getting a second beer.

Here's my 7 days photo for the day. And no, Mac didn't get any pizza: 

7 Days: 5 - What about me?


bethany actually said...

Tonight I am commenting on 7 Days photos and watching Veronica Mars with Troy, surrounded by cuddly cats. Not a bad way to spend an evening. :-)

jmw_rn said...

The day consisted of dissection lab and the evening (save for this brief study break) is devoted to pediatric gastrointestinal diseases. I did review cardiac anatomy with the semi-interested 13 year old daughter.

Kristendom said...

Yay for beer and pizza - sounds much more tempting than my evening with bitty football. Now I'm trying to decide if I've commented enough on 7 Days and can move onto reading my book...

Shannon M. said...

I sat on a friend's deck and learned that apple cider vinegar is an effective (although not long lasting) bug spray. Random info.