Thursday, September 23, 2010

7 Days: Day 6 - TCB, Baby!

I got to work early this morning. I got some stuff done. I got my 7 Days photo done. And I'm out of the office tomorrow. I'm working on my fund raising certification through UMKC. Marking off another life list item, hell yeahs! So when my client called to reschedule our 3 hour meeting today, I was thrilled.(I'm on the phone with her below.) Now I can actually get some other projects accomplished before I spend Friday wearing jeans, sitting in a classroom, taking notes and throwing spitballs at the teacher.

7 Days: 6 Seriously?

My alternate shot was much more serious and moody. Which I'm just not feeling today. I'm feeling good today. Sunny and happy and like fall is just around the corner and I've got outdoorsy arty plans all weekend. So today is my Friday. How's your Thursday going?

7 Day: 6 Alternate

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Neha said...

I'll bet you're going to the Plaza Art Fair this weekend. Yippee!!!! TGITh to you :) PS: Teal is an awesome color on you!