Wednesday, June 02, 2010

I'm Back and I'm Tan

Oh, yes, I'm back from vacation! A glorious, relaxing, indulgent, sunny, boat and beach filled vacation. A reading vacation, an eating vacation, a just Joe and I vacation. It was perfect. And sunburn free. I'm working on a couple of posts or maybe just one long post but first I thought I'd just say, I'm back! And the transition is kind of painful. I feel a little slow today and I miss sand between my toes, but I'm getting back to my good old daily routine. I just miss grilled sea scallops and rum drinks and sleeping in. And lizards and old people and convertibles. I could go on, but I have to get back to work right now. So take a gander at some quick photos I took on our Florida break.

Cold Beer on the Beach

Mike and Jaime


Retro Beach Hair

Sunset at Naples Beach

Lichen covered bench

Cypress at Corkscrew Sanctuary

Sunset parasailors

My paparrazi

Pier at Edison Winter Estate

Edison Winter Estate

Our Table at The Veranda

View from The Veranda

And I'm gearing up for my next Bravely Obey in Action projects this summer: the home-cooked Italian feast from Lidia's cookbook, also might throw in the home made flour tortilla one too, since I just found a great step by step guide to making flour tortillas at Pioneer Woman's site. Oh yeah, and eating healthy and exercising too, those fit with Italian feasts, right? And attending a gala for a nonprofit that I support, I'm getting that one covered on Friday night thanks to Miss Caroline! I'm ridiculously excited and had to go shop for animal themed accessories today. Where am I going? Well, you'll just have to wait and see...


Joe said...

Man that was a fun f^%*ing trip! I eagerly await future blogs...I may even give you some of the "good" pics to use...even though a few of these are superior. The parasail/sunset one especially. IPhone/Hipstamatic FTW.

mike said...

It was wonderful to see you guys and experience your awesome trip with you. I love you and miss you already. You should do a blog on that one restaurant you ate at while you were here. I forget the name of it but I think you said you got to meet the Chef or something???

Katrina said...

Looks like an awesome trip!! You got some really great pictures!! Can't wait to hear more about your trip!

Snowfairy said...

Great photos, you looked like you had a fabulous and relaxing time. I particularly like the idea of cold beer and sunshine.

kassie lou said...

We had a fantastic time, now my only complaint is trying to cram all the fun into one post!