Thursday, June 24, 2010

7 Days: Day 6 - Typical Day

7 Days:6 Better Hang Loose, Mom Says So
This was my 7 Days selection, Mom says "Mahalo!"

I liked today. I didn't do anything strange or fascinating or out of the ordinary. But it was good.

6:45am - I got up and made coffee. I ignored the daddy long leg on my bathroom wall. I wanted to kill it, but I thought that starting the day with a bug murder might not be the best idea. When I got out of the shower he was gone. That was worse. He's lurking somewhere, waiting for me.

7:45am - Rolled down the windows to dry my hair on my drive into work. It's summer hair styling. NPR on the radio, coffee sucked down in five minutes flat.

8:45pm - Prepping for a meeting with a client, I'm a social media coach from 9am until 9:45am today.

9:45am - Meeting over, I think I said the words "Facebook" and "email" about 5,000 times. I am a grant writer from 9:45am until about 10:30am. I'm editing project time lines and condensing petition signatures to fit in the 150 page federal grant that I'm helping one of our contractors complete by Monday. My first big federal application, nerdy excitement ensues.

10:45am - Third hat for the day, database manager. I am emailing the bitter faced tech lady who works for one of the database software companies that is failing me this morning. Our sharp male intern listens to me ramble on about databases for a half hour while "training" him. He is the only guy in an office of eleven women.

11:45am - Run home, let the dog out, spill iced tea all over shoe. It smells lemony. Wonder what the hell is going on with Days of Our Lives? I don't even watch this show. Turn off TV. Flip through Go Fug Yourself  for 15 minutes. Leftover pasta and a little Italian wedding cookie. Still good four days later.

12:45pm -  Back to the office, return phone calls, check emails, get response email from abrasive and unskilled tech woman about database question. She blamed me for the problem. Turns out it was their software glitch. Yay! Giddy with self satisfaction and her brief insincere apology.

1:45pm - Head to midtown to shadow the database manager at a new client's office. Their database manager took a different job and is not being replaced and in a half hour I'm supposed to absorb everything I can about her job to help her coworkers manage the database after she leaves next week. Sure. She's nice and gossipy so it was fun.

3:45pm - Stop on the way back to the office for a very large hazelnut iced coffee. The drive thru kid has a gold grill covering his top teeth. It is shiny.

4:45pm -  Phone call from slightly harried grant writer who is heading up the federal grant application. I can hear her dog barking in the background. She uses great expressions like "dandy" and "peachy." Deadline next week, eek. Almost ready.

5:45pm - Home, change clothes, take failed lipstick application photos for 7 Days and reject all of them. The daddy long legs, probably not the same one from 6:45, but give me some artistic license here, is hanging out on the wall in the kitchen, I still can't kill him. Scoop him onto a piece of paper and drop him out the door as I head to dinner with my mom.


This is Italian sausage and apple pizza.

6:45pm - Mom and I sit outside at Spin and enjoy the gorgeous weather and a little dinner. There is a table of dramatic, garishly dressed European women drinking and laughing loudly. They are all wearing bedazzled sunglasses and gold sandals.


7:45pm - Finally took some good 7 Days photos with Mom. She is such a good sport and let's me take tons of random photos right out in public. Though she does delete several and waves her finger at me and scolds me with "You better make me look good!" She does.



8:45pm - Home, Joe's out partying at the casinos and I'm writing this nonsense. Guess who's in the kitchen? That damn daddy long legs. (or his cousin)

What did you do today?


bethany actually said...

Today I told teh internets that I'm pregnant. It took a surprising amount of time and energy.

I like that lipstick application photo you rejected! Also, those photos of Spin are making me want their pizza. It's been ages since we went there.

Katrina said...

Today (or yesterday rather) I did bootcamp, took the boys to golf lessons, hung out with a friend and her kids, went out to dinner with the family and finished the day off with my book club. All in all a great day!

Love your pictures!! You have a good creative eye! Daddy long legs are the ONLY spiders that don't creep me out. Not sure why.

Hope you have another great day!

kassie lou said...

Thanks, ladies! Bethany, you guys gets down here and we'll take you to Spin. Katrina - I feel the same way about daddy long legs. I almost don't count them as spiders. Can't wait to see you guys in just a few days!