Monday, June 21, 2010

7 Days: Day 3 - iPhone App Addiction

7 Days:3 - Monday Morning Commute

It's Monday. It's hot outside, I'm at the office all day, working. Then I go from the office to the library for a couple of hours of tutoring and then thankfully home to the air conditioning, dinner with the husband, changing into loungy clothes, starting up the laptop and commenting on everyone's creative and ingenious 7 Days photos, followed by some heavy reading since I have two books I'd like to finish by Friday, and then bed. That's about all I can handle on a Monday.

So all I could really muster from my dehydrated creative juices this morning, was a little iPhone photo shoot in the car on my commute to work. Lots of yawning kept getting in the way of my smiles or goofy expressions, so I went with it. I love the iPhone camera, for its portability, its ease of use, and mostly because of the cool little apps that automatically help make even my mediocre photos look better. So this was shot with my new favorite, the Hipstamatic app. You can change the lens and the film and come up with endlessly different combinations. It's so fun it almost feels like cheating!


Katrina said...

What books are you reading? And why the rush to finish them by Friday?

kassie lou said...

Katrina -I'm going to a Writer's Workshop/Conference this weekend so I want to finish the keynote speaker's novel before his speech Friday night. How to Sell by Clancy Martin. And then I have book club on Sunday, Runaway by Alice Munro, that I won't have time to finish this weekend because of the workshop. Realistically I'll be happy if I read 1/2 of each.