Tuesday, June 22, 2010

7 Days: 4 - Old College Reunion

7Days:4 - Wedding Cake and Blueberry

This is my 7 days shot. Yeah, that's my arm and hand. And my wedding cake and blueberry flavored gelato. That's all you get today. Really I was too busy talking and laughing to worry too much about my photo tonight. So I took a couple of pictures, and they were all pretty mediocre. This one had the most action and frankly the most gelato. And since most of the other shots were just my shiny red face, which lasts all summer, I went with the highest gelato content.

Mom and Ava and Dad

This was pretty stellar for a Tuesday night. We had dinner and dessert with with our friends Dana and Paul, who were visiting from Pennsylvania!  And of course their daughter, Miss Ava. And Kristen joined us too. It was like a mini Hashinger Hall reunion. Joe and I both worked with Dana when we were resident assistants at the University of Kansas, in fact she was one of our bosses. But a cool boss. Dana and I also had a couple of African art history classes together. 

Miss Ava

Dana and Paul were the cool married couple in the dorm. Even though they are only a couple of years older than we are, they were married in college. And happily! I remember thinking how unique and bold that was of them to get married so young, and how lucky they were to have found their perfect partner so early in life.

Shy Girl

They had (and still have) the kind of marriage that I knew I wanted someday. Which I thankfully got!  Dana and Paul are smart, funny, kind, creative people (Dana writes a thoughtful and lovely blog over here) and I'm so glad we've kept in touch over the years. Thanks for stopping during your trip to hang out with us, guys. Thanks for letting Joe take a gazillion pictures of the spunky, pink-cheeked Ava. Let's try to get together again before another 10 years pass by!

All other photos except that first one are by the talented Joe Sands.

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Dana said...

Oh Kassie, it was our pleasure! We had the mostest fun. And some damn good gelato, too. <3