Sunday, June 20, 2010

7 Days, Day 2 - I Hit the Dad Jackpot

Father's Day dinner at our house, some Italian leftovers, great conversation with my dad and Kristy and a little photography. So of course I had to include Dad in my 7 Days photo. Let me tell you a bit about my dad.

7 Days: Day 3 - Father's Day
Love you, Dad.

When watching a particularly funny movie, like a Stripes or an Uncle Buck, my father laughs so hard that he essentially stops breathing and his face turns beet red. It's the best.

The Dad
My parents, pre-kids and pre-bitter divorce, so young and smiley.

My dad works his ass off, not just because he's a workaholic, which he is, but because he loves using his finance and management expertise to help as many nonprofit organizations as one man can cram into a given week. This does involve needing to remind him of his wife and children's existence occasionally, but that's ok. He's worth it.

The Dad
One of his many hobbies, fishing has lasted, that hat hasn't thankfully.

He throws himself into his interests and hobbies with an obsessive and youthful passion. Music, running, sailing, golf, fishing, religion, art- Dad has dabbled in it all with his entire energy, focus and time. It makes him a varied and interesting person. Except when you are driving in the car with him and say, he plays The Streets of Philadelphia by Bruce Springsteen, or which ever song he is currently obsessing on, over and over until he damn near burns out the CD.

The Dad
Dad, my younger brother Mike and me, look at those skinny legs.

But my dad's best trait, of which there are many, is his generous and supportive nature. He listens. And when you need him for something, anything, he drops everything to help, even if it's just a hug or a shoulder to cry on. Even though my dad is busy and in high demand, I know that if I need him, he's there. Anytime. And he'll have a movie quote to make me laugh when I've stopped crying.

Father's Day - Dad and Kristy

Dad and Kristy, pretty amazing people.

Happy Father's Day to all of the Dads, Daddies, Pop-Pops, Pampies, Pompies, Pa-Dads, Grandpas and Fathers out there! I'm nominating my dad for the Bravely Obey Dad of the Decade Award, and as I comprise the entire nominating committee and judges panel, he is the winner by a landslide!


bethany actually said...

I'd like to add to the list of your dad's awesome traits: when you have friends in town, even ones that your parents don't really know, they welcome them into their home and feed them! And then they proceed to treat your friends' daughter like a favorite grandkid. :-) Your dad and Kristy are both definitely jackpot- and award-worthy!

Katrina said...

Your dad sounds awesome!! How lucky you are!! Great post!