Monday, June 11, 2012

My Friends are Purdy

As a panelist for Blogher's Life Well Lived series, I've loved writing and reading the prompts and answers shared by experts and fellow bloggers on topics ranging from: how to get organized, top beauty must haves, healthy lifestyle ideas (fewer cupcakes more veggies), fashion ideas for all body types and now beauty resources! I think I've got a pretty solid collection of resources pulled together now especially with the power of the interwebs at my fingertips, but Blogher's expert advice is excellent, so take a minute and head over to read A Resource Guide for Creative Inspiration and share your best tips, and don't forget to sign up for their Life Well Lived sweepstakes and win some fabulous prizes that are certain to make you feel creative!

So here's this week's question: 

What are your favorite fashion, style and beauty resources?


I don't read a lot of fashion magazines or fashion blogs. They are generally aimed at skinny girls, girls with lots of loose fashion cash, and the young. I am none of those three. I find my inspiration from some mainstream sources like fabulously styled shows like Mad Men and bloggers like Maggie Mason, Tom and Lorenzo, the First Lady at Mrs. O, and street style from Urban Weeds, but I get most of my inspiration and advice from real life people that I see out and about like that chic looking girl I saw on the street who was combining unusual patterns and colors together, but mostly my resources are people that I know and trust.

I get beauty advice from my hairstylist, Linda, she is charmingly blunt. I get daring make-up tips from my friend, Karyl, who owns pink eyeliner, that the mere idea of trying to apply makes my hands sweat. I get inspired from old photos of my grandmother and mom that makes me feel like risking a few vintage shapes and brooches. And when I have a specific question on a product or a shoe choice, I hit up my friends via social media and text. I'm in a great Facebook beauty group where we share recommendations and ask embarrassing questions. And I ask my friends' for advice all the time. Because what faster access to a fashion resource than texting some stylish friends and asking their opinion on a shoe before I waste $50 on it? My very lovely and stylish friends are the best resource a girl could ask for. But I'm always open for more inspiration, what are your best resources?

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