Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Timeless with a Dash of Trendy

As a panelist for Blogher's Life Well Lived series, I've loved writing and reading the prompts and answers shared by experts and fellow bloggers on topics ranging from: how to get organized, top beauty must haves, to healthy lifestyle ideas (fewer cupcakes more veggies) and now, a little fashion! I think I've got a pretty good handle on dressing myself at this point, most of the time at least, but Blogher's expert advice is excellent, so take a minute and head over to read Dressing Well at Any Size and share your best tips, and don't forget to sign up for their Life Well Lived sweepstakes and win some fabulous prizes that are certain to put a smile on your face!

So here's this week's question:

What are your favorite ways to dress well for your size and shape? How do you make your wardrobe work through transitions?

Fashion trends are so fleeting and often silly. Perms, bedazzled jean jackets, crazy wild eyebrows, heavy eyeshadow, jelly bracelets, leg warmers. There's fun in the trends, but there is also the horror of looking back at photos of yourself eighteen years later and seeing these:

This is glamour? Yikes.

So I avoid overdoing the trendy as much as I can. I like trendy accessories, but I generally stick with classic pieces, ok, now I do, because clearly there's proof that I didn't always avoid too much trend. That feather boa argues against me.

I love color. I love cardigans. They are the perfect piece to wear in any season. I love things that fit well, skimming but not clinging and rarely ever baggy. I love boot cut jeans. I love accessories. Bold, big, bright accessories. These make an outfit for me. I also don't limit my choices just because I'm plus size.

I'm not a small person. I'm not WNBA tall, but I'm about 6 feet tall in the morning. I'm not a lanky runway model 6 feet either. I'm big, curvy, abundant. Or as my friend Karyl said the other day, "I could feed a starving family for a year on my thighs." I wear a size 11 shoe, often verging into drag queen territory, so shopping for shoes can tend towards the 5 inch platform red patent leather stiletto or comfy grandmotherly loafer. I shop at DSW by carrying around all of the vaguely cute size 11's I can find and then narrowing it down at the end.

But mostly I wear things that make me happy and confident. I try not to wear things that wear me. I want people to notice me, the whole package, and not just the pieces I'm wearing. I admire women with bold, kooky, daring style, but I'm more of a slightly funky Talbots girl, with a big neon orange flower brooch jumping off my jacket. So wear what you like and screw the trends. Wear what makes you happy. Even if it is a feather boa, but maybe don't wear that to work.



Kristendom said...

So much awesomeness. And yes, folks, that really is how she shops for shoes. I think it's also an effort to get an arms workout in while shopping.

Bex said...

I love your style. I always notice how pretty and how colorful your outfits are :) This is a great post and I think it sums you up nicely. You are a gorgeous lady!

margherio said...

Appalled to find that bedazzled jean jackets are silly..ll

Kassie said...

Thanks, Bex! You are sweet and now I'm blushing.

Michael, I'm certain with your height you could pull off a bedazzled jean jacket, as long as it's like neon green or purple. In fact I'd pay money to see that.