Monday, June 25, 2012

Breathe and then Write

Oh, I'm not apologizing for this because Brenda told me I can't (women apologize too much for things we don't need to anyway), but I don't know where June has gone. I turned around and it was June 25th somehow, and I hadn't written for a week, without even the excuse of vacation this time around. I think trying to blog frequently in the summer is a big challenge for many of us. This Reverb Broads round has been great, but certainly more sporadic for everyone than our December round was. So in playing a little ketchup, here goes...

June 20
Forget the iPhone and iPad. What invention would make your life better?

It's not so much an invention, but a service that I would like create and then afford myself. A very attractive, kind, supportive personal trainer who would awaken me each morning with a large iced coffee in one hand and my workout clothes and shoes in another. He/She would then tell me to get my ass out of bed and proceed to make me work out for a solid hour each weekday before I head off to work. But since I can't afford that service, I need to find some solid reward for myself to encourage this new am workout habit I'd like to get hooked on.

June 21
List 5 reasons you shouldn't bathe for a week.

In a coma. I can't think of another reason. And even then I'm hoping someone can arrange for a sponge bath.

June 22
Write a memoir of your first date.
Art and Soul

Does it count if your first date was with a gay boy (he was not out at the time) and he took me to see Madonna's Truth or Dare and then we ate pie afterward and talked about her costumes? I thought it did in 1991. In retrospect, I may be wrong. But it still counts in my book. (Did I mention we sang along to More Than Words in the car on our drive over to the movie theatre and he corrected my pitch?)

June 23
What habit have you acquired that you wish you hadn't?

I wish I hadn't acquired the habit, begun at around age 13, of telling myself that I'm not a sporty/physical/athletic person. I'm slowing breaking myself of that habitual thought process. I'm not sure what started it, I think puberty hit and I got tall and developed breasts and then suddenly felt uncomfortable in my body for quite a while there, and I've always been more of a bookish chatty girl than a sporty girl, but there I go making sweeping statements about myself. So I'm breaking that habit.

June 24
List parts of your body or your self that make you feel like "you."
List Your Self

My wit, my eyes, my stature, my smile.

Aren't we a hot couple? No, seriously it's 100 degrees out here!


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Brenda said...

Yay for no apologizing! I mean, I'm not and I've been way more slacker than any of y'all :-) I think it's too hot to think (and thus write).