Monday, April 02, 2012

Until We Meet Again

How was your weekend, friends? Mine was good. Busy, but good. We had our friend's daughter's 2nd birthday party complete with pinata, family dinner out, shopping and breakfast with my mom, dinner and KU game with friends and then we bought an elliptical, did yard and house work and tried to catch up on all the 7 Days commenting. I think next weekend we are going to make zero social plans, lock ourselves in the house and buckle down and get some projects wrapped up, and more yard work. So as I sit here, relaxing on the couch and blissfully watching Mad Men, before the beginning of the next hectic week, here's a wrap up of my last photos from this round of 7 Days.

fresh reads

Fresh Reads: Day 5 - (Theme for today is fresh.)
This is one of my happy places. Browsing, wandering around, picking up a stack of books with no risk, no cost, and no guilt if I hate one and stop reading it. Oh, library, sweet library, full of fresh ideas and fresh writers and fresh words. I took home The Gilly Salt Sisters by Tiffany Baker and Freedom by Jonathan Franzen (a beast that I've heard mixed reviews about, but thought I'd take a sip of anyway.) So what are you reading?

Photo taken with the Gorilla Pod app's excellent self timer feature on my iPhone then tweaked in Snapseed.

lunch break rush

Lunch Break Rush: Day 6 -
11:45: Hop in car and rush home for lunch, listening to Matterhorn on the way (Epic novel about Vietnam, lots of leeches, it's very gross and detailed and I make a lot of faces when listening to it, it's good.)
12:00: Arrive home, immediately let out dogs who are frantic to pee, frantic. (We are up one dog until next month, since we are watching my in-laws Scotty, Misty.)
12:05: Dogs have peed on about 25 outdoor surfaces, both vertical and horizontal, so it's picture time.
12:06: Place iPhone carefully on step to set up my shot, then laugh over and over as each dog goes to check out the camera, gets wet dog nose prints on both sides of said camera and knocks it over twice.
12:12: Give up on undertaking and settle for the first shot, lots of dog butts for you. (Those tails are damn cute though. Misty's whirls around like a windmill and Mac's is the traditional side to side swipe.)
12:15: Heat up leftover coconut chicken curry and brown rice, while illicitly watching a DVR'd episode of The Soup without Joe, he hates it when I do this. (I will pretend to not have seen this episode later when he wants to watch it together.)
12:25: Watch dogs bark, race, tumble, wrestle and playfully snarl like they used to when they were puppies. (They are 8 and technically kind of old. But they've got good snarl.)
12:26: Dogs, exhausted, collapse at my feet.
12:27: Rinse curry dishes, suck down a glass of water, look for shoes which have been shoved under the couch by wild pack of Scotties.
12:30: Hop in the car and race back for 1pm meeting, that client will be at least 15 minutes late for anyway.
And scene! (I'm still hungry though. I think I might need a afternoon snack already.)

injera family time

Injera Family Time: Day 7-
Sunday night is family dinner night around here. But since my dad will be out of town this Sunday, we decided to get together tonight and try an Ethiopian restaurant that recently opened up here in downtown Overland Park. I've only had Ethiopian food a couple of times, but it's very similar to the food that I had when I spent a month in West Africa back in college. Lots of spicy stews and veggies, with an absorbent and inexpensive local starch, in this case injera bread made out of Tef, an Ethiopian staple grain.

Elsa's Ethiopian was busy and the food was delicious, but the waitstaff and restaurant itself isn't running quite smoothly yet. Lots of little issues that tended to detract from the meal. I hope they get it under control because the food is unique and delicious and adds some spice and variety to all the chain restaurants out here in the suburbs.

We had a grand old time, arguing about politics and religion and family and the US education system, discussing ways to fix the restaurant service issues, maybe beginning with providing silverware and more than one waitress for the place, sampling each other's meals and then taking a stroll around downtown and window shopping, along with a little actual shopping. It was a perfect night. Just perfect, and a little spicy too. Make sure to click on the photo and follow the link to check out the notes so you can see what we got to eat.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming!

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