Sunday, April 08, 2012

Easter Vittles, Two Ways

Help, help, eggs are taking over our refrigerator! They've multiplied like horny bunnies. What to do when you accidentally end up with roughly four dozen eggs in your fridge? First, you might ask, how did we end up with four dozen eggs? No, we aren't planning to egg our neighbors or pull pranks on our enemies (we don't really have any enemies, though if Rick Santorum lived within a 50 mile radius egging his colonial manor would be rather tempting) and no, we didn't have an entire kindergarten class over to dye eggs in our kitchen.

Joe's very generous co-worker Shelly, whom we buy fresh eggs from every couple of weeks, gave us two dozen eggs for free, after we'd already bought a dozen. You can't turn down free farm fresh eggs. Well, you can, but I would mock you for it. Because that's just foolish, what, are you allergic? Anyway, we've had these delicious little protein filled delights sitting in our fridge for a week or two now. They need to be used. And what day does it happen to be today?

Curried Egg Salad

It's Easter! All things aligned and our excess eggs have a purpose. To help us celebrate the holiday with a light and easy Easter dinner for two, after the full on family brunch, we need light and easy. Or what would have been light and easy, until I decided that since we had so many eggs, we might as well make two different egg salad recipes and have some leftovers. So we made two batches.  One a more traditional egg salad that Joe whipped up, adding a little Siracha, because why not? It's Siracha. And then, I whipped up a curried egg salad recipe from Serious Eats.

Traditional plus Siracha Egg Salad
I don't quite know which one I liked better. Joe hates egg white so his recipe chopped the eggs into almost a paste, and then with some mayo, pickle relish, a little chopped onion, Siracha, and garlic powder, his egg salad tasted like how my grandma made egg salad, plus a little kick. Kind of sweet, creamy and perfect between two slices of whole grain toast.

My recipe was tangy and crunchy and slightly spicy, with chopped apple, mustard, curry powder, lime juice, onion and lots of cilantro. Oh, it was good, with slightly chunkier pieces of egg, less creamy and more savory, with a very strong curry flavor, which I love. Dinner was perfect.

We each sampled the two egg salads, plus some cottage cheese and a few leftover roasted sweet potatoes, it was yummy and perfect as we sat on the couch, with a cool spring breeze blowing through the open windows and a documentary about the Titanic on the television. It was a great way to end the weekend. Except for the fact that my house now smells like a deviled egg factory. But you'll get used to it, and we'll probably sleep with the windows open tonight. So Happy Easter, hope you had a wonderful day full of family, friends and a tasty nosh or two.

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