Friday, March 02, 2012

Wrapping up the Photo-fun

I so thoroughly enjoyed the February Photo a Day project. It made me find the little delightful things in my everyday life and take way too many pictures of them. I also realized that since I took all of my photos on my phone, I'm starting to crave a real camera and some real digital photography training. So I think I'll be coercing my husband, the pro, into setting up a curriculum for me. I want to become more thoughtful and careful about my photos and not rely so much on filters and collages and borders, cheating really, to tell my story or share an image the way that I want to. I think it's time to step up my game and thankfully I've got just the right connection to help me do that. So here are the rest of my photos from the month and the theme for each day. I'll let them speak for themselves. (Especially that one down there, look at that glorious head of hair on the husband. Swoon.)

Joe's hair shopping #febphotoaday  #makesmehappy

2/11-Makes me happy

Cuffs. And a shirt that Cam from Modern Family would love. #febphotoaday

2/12 -Inside my closet

I've got the Monday blues. #febphotoaday #blue

2/13- Blue

Wow, this candy heart tastes nasty! Happy V Day! #febphotoaday #heart

2/14 - Heart

Operator, can you help me place this call? #febphotoaday #phone

2/15- Phone

Don Draper's watch brand. If only I were that suave. #febphotoaday #time

2/17 - Time

Dirty with a blue cheese olive. Drunk in two sips. #febphotoaday

2/18 - Drink

Sweaty, really sweaty. I hate working out but I'm sweating past that. I also smell. #febphotoaday

2/19 - Something you hate to do

Three day weekend to-do list. Yes, I've saved most of it for today. Slacker. #febphotoaday #handwriting

2/20 - Handwriting

I wish I could wear a tiara everyday. #febphotoaday

2/21- A Fave Photo of You

Working on dinner and this glass of wine.

2/22- Where you work

Home sick with the flu today. Closest I plan to get to shoes. Yesterday's silver flats. #febphotoaday #shoes

2/23- Shoes
A peek into the inner girlie beauty product sanctum. #febphotoaday #youlittlevoyeur

2/24- Inside your bathroom cabinet

Alton Brown is helping me paint my nails. #febphotoaday #green #glitter

2/25- Green

It's Oscar Night! Pizza. Heckling of celebrities. Movies. #febphotoaday

2/26/ - Night
Take one lean cuisine Mexican rice, add real cheese and cilantro, eat and be happy. #febphotoaday

2/27- Something you ate


2/28 - Money

They sound as good as their name. #listeningto #febphotoaday

2/29 - Something you are listening to

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