Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Delightful Photogenic Narcissism

Hey, guess what? 7 Days is back!
What is 7 Days, you ask?
Well, I say, where have you been? How could you have missed it?

But I don't want to give you a complex and send you away feeling embarrassed. I'm not like that.

So here's your answer: 7 Days is a Flickr group, comprised of like minded photographically inclined ladies and gents who take a picture of themselves everyday for a week, there are two themed days, share the picture and any interesting accompanying story, and then we comment and joke and chatter with each other for a week. It's great. Some of us are amazing professional, serious type photographers (like Joe and several others,) and then those like me who tend to use our cell phones and the Diptic app to make our photos look cooler than they really are! Or as my brother in law would say, those of us that "like to artsify the f*ck out of them." 7 Days happens four times a year and I've joined in the fun several times since about 2009, thanks to the lovely Bethany.

So here are my shots for this round from the first half of the week! From convertibles to popsicles, it's be a pretty good week. Go check out some of the other fantastic shots, stories and people over here!

Convertible Hair: Day 1 - Saturday, March 24
This is me, riding shotgun in Joe's convertible on our way back from seeing a little musical theatre, Million Dollar Quartet, about Johnny Cash, Jerry Lee Lewis, Elvis and Carl Perkins at Sun Studios in the 1950's. I believe my hair was dancing to "That's All Right, Mama" on our drive home. Next we are headed out to dinner with some friends and a late viewing of Hunger Games. This is a big Saturday win.

Blinded: Day 2 - Sunday, March 25 (The theme for the day was "Light.")
I'm cranky. I got nothing. Here's some light from the blinds in our living room. It looks kind of cool. I'll be less cranky tomorrow. I think. Joe hopes.

Like Ruby Slippers for Your Fingers: Day 3- Monday, March 26
I'm not a big manicure person. I hardly ever even paint my fingernails myself. Now I love a pedicure, but manicures always get jacked up fast, I'm like a little kid with chipped fingernails in three hours. But my lovely friend Caroline told me we should buy manicure Groupons for one of those fancy gel manicures that even a little kid can't chip in a day. So I've got sparkly red nails thanks to Maria and a much better mood. I mean how could you not with SPARKLES?!

Daredevil: Day 4 - Tuesday, March 27
Oh, I'm a risk taker. I'm into living dangerously.  I like to run along the edge and swim in the deep end. Eating a red popsicle on my lunch break while wearing a white jacket. What crazy thing will I do next? Sky dive? Swim with sharks? Forget to use my turn signal when changing lanes? Watch out, I'm wild!

Today's theme is "Fresh" and I'm sitting here totally uninspired. We'll see what happens. Though I'm pretty sure I've maxed out my usage of collage already this round. I might have to break out a real camera and put the phone away. I'll keep you posted.

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