Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Talking 'bout a Resolution

So a full week and a half into the New Year and 2012 resolutions are hanging in there. Since I haven't made actual resolutions in several years I felt a little skeptical about my own ability to commit, I mean how cliched are resolutions at this point. But I feel really great. I mean great. Lighter, peppy, gung ho, focused, determined. I dropped 6 pounds in a week and a half, worked out fairly consistently, certainly ate much better than around the holidays or before. I'm using My Fitness Pal online and on my phone, thanks to Amy's suggestion and I can't recommend it enough if you have weight loss or nutrition goals. And I think the gang of friends thing is what has really helped so far. Joe's focused along with me in getting healthier and I feel like I've got partners and friends in this weight loss challege with similar goals and determination. And that makes it easier and more fun and more motivating. My gang of friends are working on a goal together, and My Fitness Pal is an ideal tool, the interface is intuitive and it's free and has a large database of foods already loaded, lots of name brands and restaurants too. Plus when you see a long list of all of your friends who've burned 500+ calories running, you feel guilty sitting on the couch eating ice cream.

I made a fool of myself in our basement trying to dance along to the Zumba Wii instructor whose perfectly coiffed spiky hair and washboard digital abs are silly and yet far more coordinated than I am. I've read four books, three excellent and one mediocre. Read 40 pages of my novel-draft-work-in-progress and probably need to hunker down and finish so I can get to the actual editing process. And our basement is straightened up and on schedule for a full makeover and paint job along with our office this spring. 

So first week of January, so far you are much less depressing, post holiday let downish than I usually feel or expect. The awesome weather and work out endorphins probably deserve some credit for this. But I'm staying focused and trying to hang on to this feeling. I know it may pass. 


lanie@ plumb tuckered said...

Yay for you! 10 days of awesome and tomorrow, eleven...

bethany actually said...

My heart is singing and I love you even more now than before, because you used the word "clich├ęd" correctly. THANK YOU.

Also, the word verification is freaking me out because it knows what I'm eating for dinner right this very minute: pesto.