Monday, January 16, 2012

Something Fishy is Going On Over Here

Mustard Roasted Tilapia

I made this.
We ate it for dinner Saturday night, with sweet potato fries out of the bag and baked in the oven (I thought it important to specify that I took them out of the bag first, otherwise melty plastic fries) and a salad with feta and tomatoes and a Raspberry vinagrette.
It was good.
If you like fish, you should maybe consider making it.
Unless you hate mustard, then don't. Or shallots.
Or creamy sauces, or capers. Then skip this and go ahead and make tacos like you planned.
Tacos are excellent.
But if you like these things, and fish, then here is the recipe.
Tips to not do with this recipe. Do not swap out sour cream for the creme fraiche. It gets watery. And maybe cut back the mustard a bit. I don't believe humans are supposed to consume this much creamy mustard in one sitting.
Capers also could be cut in half if you have a tiny knife and patience, otherwise, just use a bit less. They are so salty and capery that fewer of their numbers would make me happier with this recipe.
But it was good.
We ate it and smiled and chatted amiably about how tasty it was. I plan to cook it and eat it again someday. We used tilapia, but only because that's what we had on hand.
You could probably use any fish you wanted, as long as it's not still scaly or whole.
Because I don't deal with fish heads. I like my fish beheaded. I don't like the eye staring at me accusingly.
But any beheaded fish would do.
Buy creme fraiche though or buy that knock off Philadelphia Cream Cheese Cooking Creme, if you can't find creme fraiche. I'm no snob. I hear that stuff is tasty.
Also get whoever you are feeding to do the dishes. That seems only fair. You deserve to put your feet up after making this fancy-pants meal.
Relax and let them deal with smelly fish residue and cooked mustard bits.
They should be grateful and willingly subservient to you at this point.
Otherwise, stop feeding them.
Bellow, "It's just cereal for you next time, ingrate!" And see how quickly they get their hands dirty.
(Let me know how this advice works, I haven't tried it yet.)


AmyK said...

I loved this post. So very different than your usual voice. I have threatened the ingrate, I mean husband, with cereal many times. It seems to have no effect.

My captcha is urboanti - I think it is the opposite of a hipster. I think I'm going to go find some beheaded fish. It's my week to cook and even though I've already made three new recipes this week - well two and a half because the barbacoa is in the crockpot for tonight and it still has several hours to cook, but I might as well make it four or five.

AmyK said...

I need to amend my statement, I have made three complete new recipes already this week. Once we eat the barbacoa tonight, it will be four. Then, if I make the fish it will be five and I'll have already made eight new recipes this year.

lanie@ plumb tuckered said...

adorable. Made me smile like crazy.