Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A NaBloPoMo Virgin No More

How was your holiday weekend? Full of patriotic pomp and flag waving, maybe a marching band and a firework or two? A quiet moment spent in appreciation, reflecting on our hard won freedom and those who gave up their lives for us to secure that freedom? Or maybe an onslaught of graduation parties, teenagers and potato salad? Mine was lacking in the pomp and marching bands, but full up with the last few.  And knitting and frozen yogurt and babies. But that's another blog post. Now we are home and ready for another busy week to begin before we head out for a little summer travel. In the meantime, I have another project I'm committing to for June because the timing just seemed perfect or completely nuts.  

I've thought about signing up for this project in the past, but this month I just felt compelled to sign up to participate in NaBloPoMo.  No, I'm not writing another novel in less than a month. (No, I still have to continue editing that beast, July will be editing month.) But NaBloPoMo, is National Blog Posting Month, where bloggers commit to writing one post a day for the entire month. It keeps our writing skills loose, it forces us to not over think and get trapped in our own over-editing perfectionism, and it hones that ability to sit down in front of the blank screen no matter how chaotic the day has been and write. While there are helpful prompts available, and a theme (It's Fan, this month) if you get stuck and need a topic, they are by no means required. Unlike the Reverb Project that I did in December, which while fun was also a bit too controlling and new-agey for my taste, NaBloPoMo is all about writing. Writing on any topic you want but doing it every day. I think I can handle that. Some posts will be short, particularly when I'm out of town, but some posts will just be my regular goofy blog posts, and maybe that will also help me jump start crossing some items off of my Bravely Obey in Action Life List too. That little list has been a bit ignored lately.

Daily blogging shall commence tomorrow. So stay tuned! Hope you feel like sticking around and reading a few. I promise to not default to what I ate for breakfast or what outfit I'm wearing today. I promise to mix it up and not be too heavy on the book reviews or cooking only. I promise to not creep into top ten lists too often. I promise to try and keep it quirky, because daily blogging could get a bit stale, and stale is just sad. 

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Snowfairy said...

Good luck for the month.
ps I like hearing about/seeing what people are wearing, especially your wardrobe, you have great outfits