Thursday, May 19, 2011

Double Scoop of Book

Yep, it's another book review! Somehow this week, both of the book reviews I've written for the Blogher Book Club were posted within hours of each other. And I liked this book too! A Jane Austen Education by William Deresiewicz is a lovely little hybrid of a book: part memoir, part self help book and part literary analysis. For the English major in me, it was charming and educational and a delight. So take a minute, grab a cup of coffee or whiskey, whatever your preference, and head over here and read my review, along with all the other smarty pants broads who wrote reviews in the Book Club.

I'm actually rather looking forward to reviewing a book that I dislike or at least don't love, because that's often more exciting and challenging than finding new ways to say, "Go read this!" or "So awesome it made me cry!" So once again, let me pimp out my review and the awesome broads over at Blogher. So many books, so many opinionated wordy women, so little time.

I promise to return to regular posting this evening. I know not all of my vast readership (my 50 closest friends and family) need this much of my literary opinion, so what can you look forward to here at Bravely Obey in the next week? We've got: concerts filled with panting, shrieking hipster teens, vacation posts with lots of pictures of architecture and babies (Thanks, Joe,) Bravely Obey Cribs - Exterior Edition!, the zoo, lobsters, fire pits and curse word dottery, (yes, I commissioned a mug covered in curse words, and Bethany made it happen, it's so ridiculous how happy this made me,) and finally, quite possibly the girliest post I've ever written!  Stay tuned!

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Snowfairy said...

Oooh the girliest post sounds interesting, I look forward to it. I'm imagining it written in pink with love hearts instead of dots above the "i"s