Tuesday, August 10, 2010

"It's so damn hot.....milk was a bad choice."

I had this long, thoughtful post that I've been crafting in my head. All about dieting, body image, this woman's jacked up relationship with food, and my recent foray into the South Beach Diet, again. But then today I said, screw it!

It's too friggin' hot here, still! Yeah, it's August, but the temperature in the last month has been closer to 100 degrees, so much so that when the weather man was reporting this morning that the average August temperature is 88 degrees, one- I didn't believe him and two- 88 degrees sounds like sweater weather compared to the nonsense we've got going on now.

I'm going a little crazy from the heat and humidity and sense of air conditioned cabin fever. I feel like Ron Burgundy running down the San Diego streets. Delirious from the heat and humidity and lactose.

All the blinds closed in the house all the time, just to try and keep the temp below 80 inside. My plants dying a little bit hourly, even if I water everyday. And my brain is cooked. I don't go outside much because it's just stifling. The only time I'm outside is walking between air-conditioned locations, in our pool briefly on the weekends, the rare yard work and quick walks for the dog.  So tonight I'm treating myself to some pool time. I need to be outside. I need to feel the breeze, even if it's a sweltering humid breeze, in my hair. And I'm not the only one. That dog is getting a long walk, even if we are both puddles of sweat by the time we get home.

I read this fascinating article about the impact of weather on people's moods, health and behavior. So while I'm not going insane and murdering my neighbors, like some people, I feel on edge and just off. I'm hoping to remedy that. And don't think that my brain isn't telling me that some ice cream might solve the problem. It won't. But some pool time just might.

7days:5 Alterna Pool shot


jastereo said...

Wait, does that last part mean we can have ice cream tonight...huh, huh...?

Anonymous said...

Ice cream is like milk....stick with popsicles. :)

bethany actually said...

I hear ya! It was 100F here earlier today which is TOO FRIGGIN' HOT to be outside. Unfortunately, 6-year-olds have a much higher heat tolerance than pregnant 35-year-olds.

Katrina said...

Ugh the heat is so unbearable!! SO READY for fall now. Yesterday I took the boys swimming and it was almost too hot for even that! And I completely agree that the weather effects the moods. I have felt off too with this heat!!

kassie lou said...

I feel like I need to report back. The pool and a nice long chat with my husband while floating in said pool, was exactly what I needed. And while no ice cream was consumed, a fresh caprese salad was the perfect hot weather meal. I feel like it's almost September.

margherio said...

A fresh caprese salad is the perfect hot weather meal. Especially if it is accompanied by a plate of assorted cheeses, olives and crackers, a smattering of dark chocolate with almonds and a bottle of good, deep, heavy Cabernet. On second thought, who cares about the weather?