Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Godfather by Mario Puzo. Am I the only person over 30 who hadn't read this one? How can you not love The Godfather? Blasphemy. It's a part of our pop culture lexicon, classic and constantly repeated lines, countless television, movies and video games are based on the Mafia basics laid out in The Godfather, and yet I still feel like I learned a little something of the history, reasoning and brilliance of the old school mafia after finishing this book. I'm not talking about our modern day thugs, not two bit drug dealers or bookies but the leadership and community protectors that were the 1930-1950's mafia Dons and though the movie is probably what sticks out for most people, the book is actually better. Essentially it's a fantastic, well written soap opera for men, but that doesn't negate how great it is! Violence, intrigue, diplomacy, stealthy war strategy, sex, murder, murder and more murder. And by liking the book don't think that I'm condoning the lifestyle, violence and brutality of these people, but like reading The Prince by Machiavelli, I can respect the hell out of their ability to get things done, protect the people who respect them, and provide for those under their care. These men had balls and values. Not our typical Christian moral values but values nonetheless. And reading about men like this can be compelling, entertaining and fascinating. It's like sitting down and listening to stories from Tony Soprano's grandfather, a bit old-fashioned, sexist, and certainly not trendy but he's a better leader than Tony could dream of becoming. Good way to spend a few hours!

Next is Middle Age: A Romance by Joyce Carol Oates. This woman seems to write a book a month, prolific and challenging, a good contrast the Puzo.


Kristendom said...

Not the only person over 30 who hadn't read it - but glad you enjoyed it as much as I did!

Troy said...

I haven't read it yet, but perhaps I should. Although, when you say it would make for a few good hours, it would make for a few good weeks for me at my pace of reading. And, OBTW, you can't be a day over 25 Kassie.