Monday, April 21, 2008

I've been a horrible blogger. I haven't posted since last September. I have no excuse for myself so I will ignore the guilt I feel for letting down my two readers and just move on.

Summer is right around the corner and so my reading and reviewing have returned. I know you are excited, dear reader. ( and I really mean reader, I have one, maybe two on a good day!)
The first book for the 2008 Book It Summer program, which after reading 5 books I will win a free personal pan pizza with my choice of toppings, is The Shadow of the Wind by some Spanish fellow, whose name I will look up on Amazon later today and replace here. Anyway, this book is better as just a jacket blurb. I just can't get into the story. I want to, I feel like I should be able to and yet here I am saying that the jacket blurb is more enticing than the book itself. I read about 30 pages yesterday, (I'm 150 pages into the 400+ page book) and I have to say that things are looking up for this book. More action and less longing, more talk and less maudlin teenage brooding. The basics of this book include a 1950's time period, Barcelona, Spain location, a book shop owner's lovestruck son, a fascinating place called the Cemetery for Books, and a severely damaged evil book burner who might be the devil. Sounds fascinating right? Well, I'll report back once I finish this sucker and let you know. Oh, and I have been reading plenty since last September I just felt that my opinion on those books was too intense to share. Ok, actually I was just too lazy and distracted to post in the last few months, but I'm back and more opinionated than ever. If possible.

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"I just felt that my opinion on those books was too intense to share." - awesome