Sunday, June 30, 2013

Limes and Organized Nerd Singing

No, this is not a post about margaritas, though I kind of wish it were. That sounds delicious on a warm summer day like today. But no. Remember that one year, 2011, when I vowed to make a new recipe once a week for the whole year? Yeah! It was tasty and fun and but so much effort to cook, and shoot, and eat and then write about it every time. So I haven't blogged my cooking in awhile. But we had my dad, step-mom and brother over for dinner last weekend and Joe, the recipe scout, found this wonderful summer recipe for us to make, Grilled Chicken with Cucumber Melon Salsa


It was fresh and light and took advantage of all the Missouri grown melons and cucumbers at the store lately and the fresh herbs in our herb garden. (The only kind of garden I can actually manage, minus a couple of pots of geraniums and some hosta that refuses to die.) 

I doubled the recipe since we were serving five adults and figure leftovers would be excellent during the week. We added some veggies, cottage cheese ranch dip otherwise known as Underhill dip from Joe's family, and a delicious pesto, mozzarella, and tomato pasta salad from my step-mom, and it was an excellent summer meal.

The recipe is really easy. Sunday morning I mixed up the marinade, juicing about eight limes, and got the chicken soaking all day in the fridge. Then the real work. Just chopping, dicing and more chopping. And cutting some mint out of the garden. That was it. The most work was chopping, juicing limes and Joe grilling the chicken. The weather was too hot on the deck, so we had dinner inside and then forced my brother and parents to watch Pitch Perfect. Mike was skeptical at first, "Is this going to be a piece of shit?" We assured him, no, it's funny and quirky and enjoyable. And it was. So if you're looking for some way to spice up your Sunday dinner, might I suggest melon salsa, lime chicken and the antics of college age acapella singers to wrap up your weekend?  Because "Organized nerd singing? This is great!" 

7Days:Day2 Pitch Perfect Sunday

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