Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday 5: I've Got a Preposition for You

Welcome to the beginning of your weekend. So here are some answers to questions you didn't even know you had, from the curious questioners over at Friday 5. They made me think on a Friday morning, and that's hard to do sometimes.

1. What’s something that’s better on the rocks?

Soda of any variety. Rum drinks. Vacations near beaches, I like rocks near my beaches. But in relationships, no. Avoid the rocks. 

2. Whose behavior has been beyond belief?

Idiotic male politicians who feel the need to make ignorant, judgmental and offensive comments about women's health, rape and abortion. And those same men who think that anyone who votes for a Democratic candidate is just a lazy immigrant or activist homosexual looking for free stuff.

3. In what way do you color outside the lines?

I like lines. I like coloring inside of them. But I also like to drive over the speed limit. I like to take photographs of my ballot when I vote. I like to break tiny rules now and then. I like to curse like a sailor. I like to put on lip gloss at stop lights. I think about pulling fire alarms every time I see those bright red levers. But generally, I like coloring inside the lines. It makes everything pretty and safe and orderly.  

Commuting. Drinking coffee. Applying lipgloss at the next light. #fmsphotoaday #everyday

4. When were you recently relieved to be in the clear?

 Tuesday I was listening to the White Stripes really loudly with the windows open while driving home after work, and naturally I was driving a little faster than the law prefers. I told you I like that, right? Of course I drove right past a police officer on a side street, he turned out, followed me for several blocks and then pulled up alongside of me for a bit, then at the next stoplight he looked at me, shook his finger and pulled away. I realized I'd been holding my breath the whole time. I don't know how I escaped a ticket, maybe my soccer mom looking CRV helped, or maybe he just really likes the White Stripes.

5. What seems to have disappeared without a trace?

My hatred of exercise. It's gone. I've become a convert to the peppy active people who always blab on about endorphins and stress relief and on and on. Those bastards are right. Consistent exercise is awesome. I have more energy. My pants fit better. Turns out I like that sweaty after glow of a run. Ok, not glow so much as bright tomato red face, but I like it. I've earned it.  I've gotten up four mornings in a row this week and worked out before heading to the office. And it felt good. I miss it when I don't work out. I like running outside. Who am I anymore? Oh, I still make stupid food choices. But the exercise part, I got that covered. Now to just increase the time I spend exercising everyday, add more swimming and biking, and start some weight training. But that hatred, somehow it's disappeared. And I love that.


jastereo said...

LOVE this.

Emily said...

I love all of these...but especially Nos. 2 and 5. YAY YOU! :)