Monday, October 08, 2012

Friday Five: Sorry, I'm a Little Late!

The lovely, porcelain-skinned Bex posted these questions on her blog Friday, and I immediately felt a sense of relief. Finally, something easy that fell into my lap that actually made me feel like writing a blog post. An easy, teacup blog post. So thank you, fair Bex. This was so easy it feels like cheating, but I think it counts as a real post, even though it's a couple of days late. And I guess I need to thank and immediately begin following the Friday Five since they are posting these questions every week, on guess what, Friday. (Not Monday, which is today, but let's pretend.) So here we go, I'll try and do that writing thing and you do the reading thing again, but hang in there with me, I'm a little rusty....

1. Where is your favorite tree?
It was an enormous old pine tree that stood outside of our living room window at the house I grew up in, on a small, quiet street in a modest suburb. We loved that tree. We climbed it. We hid from neighborhood bullies in it's tall branches. We pretended to live in it like the Swiss Family Robinson. It was lovely and sticky with sap and sturdy and tall. I could peer through the heavy velvety red and black curtains in our living room (dramatic and dated leftovers from the previous owners) and watch that tree become covered in snow, then melt into fresh spring with green grass never quite growing under it because of the dense shade from it's thick needles. I drove by the house a few years ago, and saw that it was gone. Not just faded or shrunken like a myth from childhood, but it's really gone. Maybe it was sick or dying or just a hazard, but I still love that tree in my memories.

2. Where is your favorite chair?
My favorite chair is a couch. It's lumpy and red and sucks you right in.

3. Who has your favorite hair?
Joe Sands, hands down, especially as it gets a few more gray hairs year by year.

Third in the " @jastereo drinks beverages while looking cute" series. (Pemaquid Ale is yum.) #latergram

4. What's your favorite mug (or drinking vessel) like?
It's a dottery mug covered in beautiful, dainty spots and filthy, filthy curse words, hand painted by the accommodating and lovely Bethany.

Dottery May 2011 Omaha

5. Where's your favorite parking spot (not at home)?
The library any day, outside of my in-law's house before a big family weekend, or outside of the movie theatre on a Friday opening night.

Thanks, Friday Five!


bethany actually said...

1. That sounds like it was a great tree. RIP, Tree.

2. Where is this couch? Just nosy.

3. Joe does have fantastic hair.

4. Heh. Thanks! I'm honored, and endlessly amused. :-)

5. Movie opening days are the best...especially going in the afternoon so you miss the crowds.

Bex said...

Joe does have some fabulous hair. I love Jeremy's little gray ones too. I think gray hair is sexy!

Also, I get tickled at your curse-word dottery. It makes me smile. Maybe my next Bethany request will be a mug that says "asshat" somewhere on it. That's my current fave.

I'm glad Friday 5 sucked you in! They seem like a cool bunch of people, I'm sure they don't mind that you posted on Monday ;)

margherio said...

Did I hear you invoke the smoking couch? Sweet!

scrivener said...

You know what else is great about Friday 5? If you're only joining now, you can always visit some of the older questions for the purpose of generating ideas.

Thanks for participating this week!