Thursday, July 05, 2012

7 Days Later

Oh, hey there. Did I mention that the summer round of 7 Days, my favorite gang of self portrait photo takers, happened last week? I probably should mention that. I had a great time as usual. At least for the first few days, and then things went swiftly and crappily down hill. Turns out when you have a fever and feel like you want to die, you don't feel like taking photos, or commenting on your friends' photos, or generally doing anything except laying around and feeling weepy and sorry for yourself and certain of your imminent demise. Did I mention I somehow turned into a drama queen with this fever/cold nonsense? Ask Joe. I'm normally just mildly whiny and needy when I'm sick. I'm not stoic, but I'm not difficult. Except this time around something snapped and I just moaned and laid about all sweaty and shivery and ridiculous, choosing my funeral playlist and demanding "no carnations" on my coffin's floral spread. But then the fever broke, my melodramatic nonsense passed, and we headed up to Omaha for the weekend.

So here are the photos from this round! And I promise to not ask you to write a eulogy for my service next time I get a little fever. Though that "no carnations" rule is hard and fast.

Crazy Women at 6:30am

This is my lovely and very game friend, Wendy, at 6:30am last Saturday morning. We've been walking the trail between our two houses, about 18 miles, over the last few Saturdays and she was willing to take this before shot with me. The after was decidedly sweatier and less smiley. Though the 3.5 miles zipped by as we talked.

100 degrees of Baseball

I feel like I grew up at Royals Stadium. My grandparents had season tickets for years, and my brother and I were lucky enough to go with them to games all the time. We were showered with hot dogs and batting cap sundaes and peanuts, it was a kid's dream. This Sunday game with my parents, brother and some friends was fun, but the nearly 100 degree heat and full sun, not so much.

sleep tight, don't let the bed bugs bite...

This is my favorite photo of this round. I just set my iPhone up with the Gorilla Pod camera timer app, and went back to reading my Kindle. This captures that perfectly mundane night time scene that all married couples have, falling asleep, reading, chatting a bit, before tomorrow comes.

The freckles are advancing

When do freckles become age spots? The consensus says, "Never!"

portrait of a bossy chocolate

Chocolate. Yummy, bossy, caramelly chocolate.

Sick/Six day

And laying sick on the couch, deciding between Mumford and Sons or Avett Brothers to play at my funeral after party.

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good bye!

On the mend and in the car, headed to two wonderful days with family, particularly the cutest little boys and girl in the history of nephews and nieces!

So how's your summer going? Vacation plans? Laying around in the air conditioning? Give up on that cilantro in your garden yet? (I did. It's coriander now.)


AmyK said...

Mumford and Sons seems more funereal. The Avett Brothers would work for a wild, drunken wake.

Kassie said...

That's exactly what I thought! Which means I need both of them, right?

bethany actually said...

My summer is speeding by in a BLUR. Hawaii was hot and sweaty and had a lot less free wifi than I'd expected for a hotel that cost that much to stay in per night, and it sucked kind of missing out on the last part of 7 Days for the first time in FIVE YEARS oh my god I can hardly believe I've been doing it that long, but hanging out with Lauren was awesome.

Brenda's birthday party has been wonderful, even though I was tired and not really in a partying mood at the end of my Hawaii trip. And even though I had very mixed feelings about leaving Elliora for the first time, and it turned out she was coming down with hand, foot and mouth disease and I feel terrible I wasn't there to comfort her, I know she'll survive.

And when we get back to DC, we'll have less than a month left before we leave and move to San Diego. CRAZY.

bethany actually said...

p.s. I'm very glad you weren't dying and got better in time for a trip to Omaha. :-)