Thursday, August 04, 2011

A Big Toothy Grin

Things that made me smile this week:

BLT's for dinner on Farm to Market bread with local tomatoes and apple cider cured bacon.

Listening to This American Life on my daily commute. Though like this morning, sometimes it makes me cry and get strange looks from my fellow commuters. I like to imagine they are creating dramatic stories about my morning, as opposed to the fact that a radio program has caused my am tears.

Falling asleep on the couch at 7:45pm while listening to Ken Burn's Jazz in the background. I don't remember the last time I napped like that. It was a nice twenty minutes. Then I cleaned the kitchen. Less smile inducing.

Watermelon juices running down my chin.

Our new baby niece arrives this month. She is keeping her arrival date a great and dramatic mystery, but her arrival is anxiously awaited by thousands, ok, maybe hundreds. But it feels more significant than that.

The fact that our house was finally cooler than 80 degrees last night and I didn't wake up with a slightly sweaty hairline. I actually needed that top sheet last night instead of kicking it off in a fit of humidity induced frustration.

The 35 year old mom pushing her two kids in a jog stroller through the grocery store while wearing a very short black leather mini skirt. Leather in the summer. You funny lady. She bought meat and tampons. Seriously.


The August page for my wall calendar at work is covered in daisies and strawberries. How can you not smile at daisies and strawberries? I mean really.

It might rain today. The mere mention of this illusive weather phenomenon makes me want to take off my sandals and splash in puddles. I might just do that after my board meeting.

And finally the first Dean Koontz book I've read since high school, Odd Thomas, is amusing and scary. That's a nice combination. Naming your child Odd just seems like a stellar idea. I could be wrong though. Odd Sands might not work as well.

So what's got you smiling today? Corn on the cob? Ran that six minute mile? Day off work spent at the pool?

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jastereo said...

Reading your blog made me smile - the headache I've had all day, not so much!