Thursday, July 28, 2011

Southern Fried Family Secrets

After the painful and upsetting last review that I did for The Kid, my latest review for the Blogher Book Club of The Beach Trees by Karen White, brought a welcome sunniness and joy into my reading this summer. And though I did not read this book on the beach it sort of felt like it. It captures the feeling of those charming coastal Southern towns and harnesses it so that every page and word and character feels deeply connected to those waves and those beaches and those hurricane ravaged communities. This isn't a total beach read, it's not entirely light and frothy, it has pain and murder and chaos too, but there is happiness and resolution and progress for the characters. So take a minute and pop on over here to read my review on Blogher, and then maybe go pick up this delightful story for yourself. I guarantee it won't make you want to throw up like The Kid did. I promise.

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