Saturday, January 15, 2011

Infected with the Ehs

How was your week? I got a nasty case of the ehs. Nothing bad happened, nothing particularly exciting happened. It was one of those weeks that gets layered with other more memorable weeks to create a whole life. Just a week. Like other blogger friends, I just felt kind of blah. Not depressed, not sick, just eh. So instead of giving into the eh as I'm typically wont to do, I just faked it this week. I faked feeling excited and peppy and energetic and it got me through to today, when I finally felt like myself again. I decided the best way to push myself out of my funk was to list the good, tiny things that happened this week even though it was eh. And blogging seemed kind of eh. I know I've posted like this before, but you don't mind if I do it again, do you? Sometimes the tiny good things are just easier to write about.

Tiny good things this week:

-Delivery of four place settings of Sunflower hued Fiestaware, like a box of sunshine delivered to my messy kitchen.
-A Coffee and a lunch with two of my good friends.
-The chance to take some masters classes, great networking with other nonprofit fund development staff, met a funder I've been emailing with, and enjoyed laughing about the fact that, out of thirty students there were only three men in the class. Single men- if you are looking for smart, passionate, giving women, the nonprofit world is better than any bar.
-L'Oreal Root touch up hair dye. Evil grays will be defeated for another six weeks.
-New winter boots- these are good and bad. Using a couple of Christmas gift cards, I spend 45 minutes trying on roughly 2,000 boots at DSW. I didn't want suede or fur lined or anything with UG in the title, a low heel and something neutral enough to wear with work clothes. I found a great pair, dark brown leather, low calf height, cute strap and buckle, low heel. But these bitches tore up my heels today. I have angry, red weepy blisters, two matching on the side of my heel. I hate the breaking in process.
-Two grants submitted with plenty of time before the deadline and was told by not particularly critical client that they were "phenomenal." Sounds like high praise, but I'm pretty sure she barely scanned them, still a compliment though.
-Cooked another new recipe, two actually, Pasta e Fagioli and Italian Pork Chops.

It wasn't a total success or a total failure. The Pasta e Fagioli was just a little bland for my taste and the beans, the first time I've ever used dried beans, probably could have cooked a touch longer. If I ever make this dish again I think I would use white wine or chicken broth to add more flavor instead of just water. The spinach and bacon were great, but something was just lacking. The pork chops were delicious. I've not had great success with pan frying breaded meat or fish before. I can never quite tell when it's finished cooking on each side so I always flip it too much, I get antsy and concerned, the breading always comes off and it looks crappy. I didn't this time. I just cooked it for 5 minutes on each side, the breading stayed totally intact and the flavor was great. I didn't feel like using real garlic, so I just added some granulated garlic to the bread crumbs and it was perfect. Though next time I don't think I would bother finishing the chops in the oven. My chops were probably thinner than the recipe chops, because they got a touch overcooked since I listened to the recipe instead of going by the temperature of the meat. But still juicy and tasty.

So that was my week. Just a week. Happy to be alive, but otherwise just here. Now my dilemma is, what to blog about next? Other than recipes, books and my class, for some reason I'm at a topic loss right now. So I need your help. What should I blog about? Can you give me a suggestion or two? Pretty please? I just need a little external inspiration. Inspire me, friends!

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