Saturday, October 30, 2010

Banner Day

It's a banner day here at Bravely Obey. At long last, I have a new banner from the super talented Brenda at Secret Agent Josephine! Totally worth the wait, by the way. I had the pleasure of meeting Brenda and her adorable, opinionated daughter Bug (who kept calling Joe "Steve," which still cracks me up for some reason,) when we went to visit Bethany and Annalie and pick up the temporary Porsche in San Diego last fall.  We got to hang out with Brenda and Bug for a little while before they headed home, and we had a blast. Then Bethany and Brenda convinced me to start writing again, though it didn't take much effort. I was just waiting for that little push.

These two fabulous ladies, avid bloggers, inspiring cooks, loving moms, creative dynamos, both inspire me to keep writing this blog, so once again I throw the credit your way, ladies! Brenda's blog is filled with beautiful photography, and since she lives on the beach in California, she often makes me nauseatingly jealous. She blogs about her life, art, family and she's so damn open and real that it's a delight to read. Plus her daughter Bug is quirky and sweet and a budding fashionista. So go check out Brenda's blog. And while you're at it, Brenda has recently restarted her graphic design business. So if you are looking for a new banner for your website, a logo for your business, party planning genius, a professional photographer or that perfect craft for a rainy day at home with the kids, go visit her here! And put Brenda to work! You'll be glad you did, I am.


bethany actually said...

Yay, you got a banner! I love the illo-ized you. And very cool of you to plug Brenda's business...but then, you ARE a very cool person. ;-)

Snowfairy said...

Love the new look, Happy Banner Day!!