Thursday, February 25, 2010

It's All About The Babies Here at Bravely Obey

Why does it snow every time that I help host a baby shower? Ok, I shouldn't say every time, I've helped host two and it's snowed both times. And we live in the Midwest, and both showers happened in February, so the odds are really pretty likely that it will snow. So in a purely unscientific way I'm going to state that it snows every time I help host a baby shower. And other than the snow, which kept away some out of town relatives, we had a fantastic time!

One of my best friends, Tara, who has been mentioned repeatedly on this blog, is going to have a baby girl in about six weeks. Now this is also the same friend who just got married over Christmas, for whom we threw a rather kick ass cocktail engagement wedding celebration party, if I do say so myself. So needless to say, this has been quite a year for our Tara. Husband, baby, total life change all in one short year, but it's wonderful and she and her husband Mike are thrilled and we, her friends, couldn't be happier for them. And so another opportunity to help throw a kick ass, as kick ass as a baby shower can be, party for the impending arrival of Tara's baby girl! No pomegranate martinis at this one sadly, that would just be cruel.  So between myself, my partner in crime and photographer/designer Kristen, our talented baker and Tara's cousin, Amy, a gifted art teacher friend of Tara's, Tobee, and Tara's supremely generous mother, RoseAnn, we all pitched in and whipped up a nice little fairy themed lady party.

Oh, and it was girlie.  An estrogen packed chick fest, complete with girlie favors, adorable pink and white gift wrapped cakes, scattered fairies, banners with pearls and dresses, butterflies, confetti, balloons, flowers, pastel swathed gift bags and bows, it was an explosion of female maternal energy, all over Tara's house. And good food, too. We had fun, we braved the frozen weather, we played bingo, we noshed and chatted, we oohed and aahed over tiny dresses and baby books, washcloths and handmade onesies, and I think we all helped welcome Tara's little baby girl with the love and support she'll need when she arrives. And believe me, Aunt Kassie can't wait to meet her!


Katrina said...

Looks like a lovely shower! Love the diaper cake! Those are awesome!!

Suzy C said...

It looks wonderful! So much fun to know it's a girl and be able to play up the frilly, feminine side of things. I'm a little jealous - too many boys in the family and amongst my friends!