Monday, October 05, 2009

Omaha: The Weekend Whirlwind

This weekend was pretty fantastic, as most of our weekend trips up to Omaha tend to be. Most of Joe's family lives in Omaha so we try to get up there every six weeks or so for a visit. This visit was particularly packed with out of town visitors, dramatic stories involving the silent treatment and a passport, craft show action, food, babies, more food, a hell of a lot of pink and a little light exercise. Aunt Suzy stopped on her drive back to Pennsylvania from Alaska, brother Jim and his wife Katy hauled down from Madison with big boy Connor and the adorable chunkster baby Jackson.

Uncle Jo Jo and baby Jack

Aunt Nancy came in from Ohio, and of course all the Omaha relatives, grandparents, aunts and friends. Saturday was my all day craft show, again, a great time to participate in my favorite sport, people watching and chatting with customers. Dinner out without kids that night, and a large blue Cancun Margarita, tacky but delicious. And then the Sherry support crew (my wonderful mother in law, a 16 year breast cancer survivor!), along with another 20,000 people, woke up early, made our way downtown and lined up to walk/run 3.2 miles for breast cancer research. Pink was everywhere, Save 2nd base, Save the Coconuts, Save the Ta-Ta's t-shirts were prevalent, along with the most cheerful, friendly, and pink bedecked crowd I've ever seen.

It was a stellar weekend. But I'm tired and not really in the mood to write much today. So I'm going to go eat a grilled cheese sandwich and watch Mad Men in my pj's. A perfect Monday night.


Katrina said...

I love your pictures! They are great!

Bravely Obey said...

Thanks, Katrina. Joe and I are doing this cool 7 days self portrait group project on Flickr. The shot of Joe with baby Jackson was one of his self portraits. Mine were the first and last shots.